Council Staff Work Plan priority area #2

Planning for growth

We will plan and build our community to accommodate growth while managing new service and infrastructure demands and balancing taxpayer affordability.


  • Provide transportation options that alleviate congestion, reduce driving and mitigate demands on municipal infrastructure
  • To the greatest extent possible, ensure services are in place (roads, schools, hospitals) as residents move into new neighbourhoods, advocating to other levels of government where necessary
  • Plan for mid-density and high-density, mixed use neighbourhoods to make the most efficient use of land and municipal services and provide affordable options for residents
  • Work with developers and provide policies that encourage sustainability in neighbourhood development
  • Encourage greater infill and neighbourhood intensification
  • Complete a robust asset management plan and evidence-based approach to the repair, rehabilitation and replacement of municipal assets that considers full lifecycle costs
  • Create long-term capital forecasts and budget planning to ensure municipal infrastructure remains in a good state of repair

2020-2023 priorities