Council Staff Work Plan Priority Area #3

Service Innovation

We will deliver services that address increased expectations and service requests and manage the need for new investment.


  • Provide training and development that builds a customer-first approach across the organization
  • Investigate opportunities to modernize or automate processes that are outdated or subject to high service volumes
  • Invest in employee engagement to foster a strong customer service culture
  • Explore integrated technology platforms that improve automation or self-serve options for customers
  • Engage external firms in objective service delivery assessments
  • Collect feedback from residents and businesses on their service priorities
  • Explore service delivery partnerships with neighbouring municipalities and/or local community partners
  • Build and enhance data and information to assist Council and staff in evidence-based decision making
  • Prioritize multi-use facilities and partnerships to realize efficiencies

 2020-2023 Priorities

  • Customer Service Strategy and External Communications
  • People Strategy and Internal Communications
  • Digital Service Delivery Strategy