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Asset Management Plan

As one of the fastest growing municipalities in Canada, it is important that the Town of Milton maintain their infrastructure assets in good working order and at their intended levels of service.

Through the adoption of an Asset Management Plan, the Town is able to make informed and favourable decisions regarding the building, operating, maintaining, renewing, replacing and disposing of infrastructure assets.  In doing so, the objective is that the Town will be able to maximize benefits while better managing risks and providing sustainable and appropriate levels of service to the public.  

The Town's Asset Management Plan includes a number of important elements:

Am image showing the 4 stages of the plan - as described below

Roads and Structures

In September 2014, Council approved the first phase of the Town's Asset Management Plan, which looked specifically at roads, bridges and culverts.  At that time, the Town owned 1,204 lane km's of road assets and 83 bridge and culvert assets, representing a total replacement value of $735M and an annual required investment of $6.0M, an increase of $0.5M from 2009-2013 actual expenditures.  To maintain the expected condition of these assets over future years growth, it will be important that this annual investment continues to increase proportionately.

Facilities and Transit

In October 2015, Council approved the second phase of the Town's Asset Management Plan, focusing on Town facilities and transit.  At present, the Town owns 36 facilities with an estimated replacement value of $224M and a good overall condition rating.  These 36 facilities are comprised of civic buildings, community halls, fire halls, leased facilities, operations facilities, and recreation and culture facilities.  Current levels of funding for maintenance of facility assets were found to be sufficient for the next 10 years, at which point investment levels will need to be re-evaluated to ensure they are satisfactory in maintaining the assets in a good state of repair.

Transit assets, consisting of buses, a portable data system, support vehicles, bus pads and shelters, and bike lockers, were found to have an overall replacement value of $8.0M and a good overall condition rating.  Currently, a small infrastructure gap is present with respect to transit assets, however, a reserve exists for fleet equipment replacement and regular reviews are done to ensure that contributions to this reserve are sufficient to meet future funding requirements.

Next Steps

The Asset Management Plan is intended to be a comprehensive and guiding document to be used in preparing annual workplans, operating and capital budget estimates, and longer term priorities.  Future updates will follow and will be ongoing to include all other Town assets and ensure that the plan remains up to date in consideration of newly acquired, constructed, or redeveloped assets.