Milton Hydro Distribution Inc. Board of Directors

The Board of Directors oversees Milton Hydro Holdings Inc. and its subsidiaries in a manner that:

  • operates on a "for profit" basis
  • considers the financial objectives established by the Shareholder
  • protects the investment of the Shareholder by managing the exposure to risks inherent to the Business through the development of a strategic planning process and risk management strategy
  • provides the Shareholder with a rate of return on its investment; provides adequate reporting to the Shareholder
  • establishes and maintains appropriate financial and capital structures of the Corporation and the Subsidiaries giving due consideration to the rate of return permitted by the Ontario Energy Board
  • provides energy services beneficial to energy consumers in the Town of Milton
  • provides energy services in an environmentally responsible manner

The Board is responsible for the broad parameters of policy and strategic direction of Milton Hydro Holdings Inc. As part of the Board's Fiduciary Oversight, the Board will ensure a corporate environment of strong internal controls, fiscal accountability, high ethical standards and compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

Member Qualifications

Members must be Canadian citizens who have an understanding and/or familiarity with the existing operations of Milton Hydro and the Town of Milton; who can commit to regular attendance at scheduled and ad-hoc meetings, typically held during normal business hours. He/she must possess a reputation for personal honesty, objectiveness, integrity and common sense. Members should possess strong interpersonal skills with a questioning/inquiring mind and be able to make sound independent judgements. Members should have executive level experience preferably with corporations whose annual revenues exceed $10M.

Members should have knowledge and experience in the following areas:

  1. Prior board membership (in "for profit" organizations) especially those demonstrating best practices for corporate governance
  2. Ability to focus on strategic initiatives and visionary planning of corporate operations and safety, including risk management
  3. Demonstrated continuous improvement in business segments including excellence in customer service
  4. Proven champion of change management within a competitive environment
  5. Business experience with mergers, acquisitions and valuations
  6. Related knowledge and experience in any of the following: 
  • Financial, legal, engineering or human resources
  • Government regulations and regulated entities
  • Environment and energy conservation
  • Economic Development including marketing, product development and communications
  • Business management
  • Background in large system operations and management
  • Experience with employee union relations and workplace health and safety
  • Knowledge of corporate governance
  • Experience with consumer relations

When a vacancy occurs, interested applicants should be prepared to submit a confidential letter of interest including background and qualifications.