Operating and Capital Budgets

Town staff develop the annual budget using guidelines approved by Milton Council and giving consideration to the input received from the public. Council usually deliberates and approves the budget in December/January, ensuring an approved budget is in place near the start of the new year.

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Budget Survey Results

Thank you to those who took the budget survey to help us set priorities for Town infrastructure, programs and services.

Highlights from the telephone survey are displayed in the graphic on the right. Results from the supplementary online survey, and more budget survey details can be found in the 2019 Budget Call Report.

2019 Approved Budget

On February 4, 2019, Milton Council ratified the 2019 budget representing an investment of $55 million in capital projects and $136 million through the operating budget that provides programs and services for Milton residents.

The 2019 budget includes plans for a core services review to support informed strategic decision-making about service levels and service delivery. In addition, Milton will embark on a strategic planning process which will involve significant public engagement to ensure alignment between resource allocation and the community’s vision and priorities.

2019 will see the opening of the Sherwood Community Centre, which includes a new branch library. In addition, the community will celebrate the completion of the rehabilitation of Fire Station No. 1 as well as the initiation of the construction of Fire Station No. 5. These facilities will help meet the needs of the growing community.

Milton’s local portion of the property tax levy will increase by 8.30%. The property tax increase resulting from the 2019 budget is an additional $20.11 per $100,000 of residential assessment. Combined with estimated changes at the Region and School Board, the average household would see an estimated overall 3.67% change from 2018 property taxes, or $25.65 per $100,000.

The information in the Budget Book documents can be offered in alternate formats or with communication supports, upon request.

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Budget documents can also be viewed or purchased at the Town of Milton.