Fiscal Impact Studies

Since the early 1980’s, the Region of Halton and the Town have been planning for growth through the preparation of numerous studies. One of the initial studies, the Halton Urban Structure Plan (HUSP), concluded that the growth would occur in four phases with three of the four representing residential growth and one non-residential phase. The planning processes for the HUSP lands have since proceeded and buildout of these phases is now well underway.

Fiscal Impact Assessments were undertaken to support the development of the HUSP lands. These assessments concluded that the growth that was expected to occur would have a significant impact on the operating and capital expenditures of the municipality. In order to mitigate the impacts of development on the existing taxpayers, as per policies established by Milton Council, and to stay within debt capacity limits, the Town entered into financial agreements with developing landowners.

Through the 2009 Sustainable Halton Plan (Regional Plan Amendment 38), additional lands were added to the Town’s urban area to accommodate further population and employment growth beyond the HUSP lands. These lands are located in three main areas: a corridor along Trafalgar Road, an area south and east of Britannia Road, and a corridor along Tremaine Road including the Milton Education Village lands.

Fiscal Impact Assessments have continued for the Sustainable Halton Plan area, including the report presented in 2017 which projected the financial implications associated with growth to the year 2036.

Provided below are links to the most recent Fiscal Impact Assessments that have been presented to Town Council: