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Using the Town of Milton Logo

The Town of Milton was created in 1990 and is made up of three main elements to incorporate the main features of the Town.

The first element is the three barred form in the upper foreground of the logo. Each bar in this shape represents one of the three components of a complete community: the left most bar symbolizes countryside and rural life; the central bar combines the flow of the contryside and the more structured look of urban areas; the final bar is symbolic of the downtown and industrial areas.These three bars combine to form a silhouette of the escarpment as well as creating a stylized "M".
The bar underlining Milton is the second main element of the logo. This line distinguishes the logo from others by creating a visually interesting and irregular shape. Also it represents the local water bodies. This tapered shape echoes the positive upward swing of the above escarpment symbol, reinforcing the positive, progressive feel of the logo.
The third element is the font used for the town name to represent the friendly and inviting appearance while maintaining the modern feeling.

The colours used are dark blue and light green. The dark blue is the symbolic colour of business. Also it forms a visual bridge with the coat of arms. The light green is a colour of growth and prosperity.


The Town of Milton logo is a registered trademark belonging to the Town of Milton:

  • Unauthorized use is strictly prohibited.
  • The Town logo represents the Town of Milton's visual identity and ownership (i.e. public funding). Initiatives that are not Town-led or jointly supported are not permitted to reproduce the Town logo unless otherwise directed by Milton Council.
  • Permission and artwork approval is required by the CAO's Office (contact information on the left of this page), prior to any reproduction.