Destiny Milton

Destiny Milton 3 is Complete

The Strategic Action Plan entitled Destiny Milton 3 was approved by Milton Council on November 9, 2015. The plan articulates a vision for the Town for the next three to five years, with a recommended action plan for the balance of this term of Council.

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Vibrant and Connected Community

  • Celebrate Milton's culture, natural and built heritage.
  • Build a complete, connected, and sustainable community where people live, work, learn and play.
  • Design a walkable community - connected through on-and-off-road routes.
  • Develop a Transportation Plan that is financially supported by all levels of government, safe, efficient and responsive to community needs.

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 Economic Growth

  • Focus on job creation, diversification and partnership development.

  • Support business and long-term investment in innovation.

  • Increase the number of local high value jobs and employers.

  • Increase non-residential growth by focusing on attracting knowledge-based industries.

  • Continue secondary planning for the Milton Education Village, securing a post-secondary campus and facilities.

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 Financial Stability

  • Review and update financial policies to support financial sustainability.

  • Manage finances to meet the current needs of the community without burdening future generations.

  • Undertake long-range financial plans and forecasts.

  • Identify the financial impacts associated with planning, designing, constructing and operating infrastructure (e.g., roads, facilities and parks).

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 Enhanced Communication

  • Create a centralized Corporate Communication and Marketing team of experts to coordinate efforts, ensure quality control and transparency of internal and external communications.

  • Develop a Corporate Communications Plan that will ensure all communications are proactive, two-way, open, transparent, respectful, consistent and inclusive.

  • Develop a Community Engagement Plan to provide a standard process on how the Town will inform, consult and advise residents and businesses on municipal decision-making.

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Organizational Effectiveness

  • Invest in staff training, professional development and succession planning in order to maintain a healthy, sustainable and successful organization.

  • Encourage the transfer of organizational knowledge.

  • Develop corporate values, in consultation with staff, and identify areas of continuous improvement.

  • Assess the appropriateness of the organization's structure, job titles, descriptions and compensation, to continue to retain and attract top talent.


Our Process 

Council embarked on a process earlier this year to update Destiny Milton 3 after completing significant background research and trends analysis from a variety of sources, including:

  • Community information, population, and demographic analysis and trends, including the completion of a Community Profile in 2013
  • Review of current issues and priorities as articulated  by your current members of Council as part of the 2014 municipal election process
  • Priorities and opportunities as expressed by Members of Council as elected for the 2014 - 2018 term
  • Interviews conducted by the consultants retained to update the Strategic Action Plan; these included members of Council, senior staff and key community leaders
  • Completion of a statistically valid community telephone survey,conducted by Forum Research Inc.
  • Review of results from the 2016 budget survey
  • Review of strategic planning documents from other municipalities, such as Halton Region and the Town of Oakville
  • Completion of four Council/senior management/senior library staff workshops to develop draft goals and actions

Key strategic priorities and draft actions were developed and used to seek feedback as follows:

  • Input session with management staff for the Town of Milton
  • Input session with key community stakeholders representing a broad cross-section of business, industry, government, not-for-profit organizations, committee appointees and others
  • Staff survey available to all Town of Milton staff
  • Input received through the completion of electronic survey documents by key stakeholders

Together, the future is ours to innovate.