Making a Claim

If you have incurred costs due to personal injury or property damage that you believe the Town may be responsible for and would like to file a claim, follow the process outlined below. In some situations, you are required file a claim within 10 days of the incident.

We suggest that in all cases of damage you contact your insurance company or broker. Depending on the type of property damage, and the insurance policy you purchased, you may be eligible for greater compensation that you can legally recover from the Town or other party.

Note: That payment in respect to property damage or bodily injury is contingent upon the Town being found legally liable.

Claim Reporting Process 

  1. Complete the online Accident/Incident Report Form.
  2. Risk Management staff will contact you using the contact information you have provided within 10 business days.
  3. An investigation begins upon receipt of your claim and typically an initial response will be sent within three weeks.

Note : Fraudulent claims cost all taxpayers. The Town will prosecute all fraudulent claims to the full extent of the law. 

Town Compensation for Your Costs

The Town will not be held responsible for your costs unless you can provide evidence that the Town committed a negligent act or omission which directly resulted in injury or damage. Like most Canadian municipalities, the Town of Milton only compensates when it is legally liable for the damage sustained. This approach helps to reduce costs for the taxpaying public who ultimately bear the cost of these claims.

We suggest that you contact your own insurer regarding damages. If the insurer believes that the Town is responsible for your damage, they will seek compensation on your behalf as stipulated in your insurance policy. Whenever damage to Town property is caused by a third party, the Town of Milton seeks recovery of the related costs from the responsible party (i.e. for damage to property such as street lights, signs, etc).