Portable Sign Permit

Portable sign permits can be obtained from the Clerks' Division, located at Town Hall, 150 Mary Street, Milton.

Application forms for portable sign permits must be submitted at least 24 hours prior to the location or display of the sign.

Applicants must provide a letter of consent from the owner of the property or the property manager/agent that authorizes the applicant or tenant to place a portable sign(s) in compliance with municipal by-laws.

The cost for each permit is $64.00.


Only one portable sign may be placed on a property at any one time.

An exception is in the case of a shopping centre, plaza or mall located on a property having more than one frontage, in which case not more than one portable sign may be placed per frontage at any one time.

Portable signs may only be placed on lands permitting principal uses that are commercial, industrial or institutional and on golf courses, as described in the Town's Zoning By-law.


A portable sign may not be placed for a period of more than 21 consecutive days.

A portable sign may not be placed on a property for a period of 7 consecutive days from the date of expiry of the last portable sign permit issued for the property, or the date of removal of a portable sign, whichever date is later.