Milton’s Data Centre provides you the tools needed to inform investment attraction decisions featuring:

  • Interactive site selection tool displaying available industrial and commercial properties in Milton
  • Community data with a range of analytics tools
  • Visualize dynamic and interactive maps, charts, infographics, reports and more
  • Save, share and download reports and infographics with just a click of a button

Property search functionality is coming soon

How to Navigate Property Search

  1. Type in “Milton” into the location filter, and then click the relevant boxes in the adjacent drop down menus. For more detailed filtering, select “All Filters” instead.
  2. The results page will display automatically. Click on “View Details” for any property you wish to explore.
  3. At the top of each property’s summary, you will notice data tabs relevant to its location (i.e.: Labour force).
  4. To the right of the summary you will notice an interactive map, with map tool options laid out at the bottom of the screen including a map export function.
  5. A report can be generated for a property by selecting either “PDF”, “EXCEL”, “PRINT” or “SHARE”.
  6. Interested in viewing this property again? Click the “Save” button on the top right of the screen to view your favourite property selections.

How to Navigate Our Community

  1. Click through “Community”, “Occupation Data”, “Labour Force”, “Consumer Expenditures” and “Business” tabs to view relevant Milton data.
  2. Filter relevant data based on drop down menu (i.e. Miles and Minutes for Demographic Data tab).
  3. View data as a grid or chart based on preference.
  4. Toggle “Map” button on and off to display data visually on the map left to data summary. Zoom into map to view data geographically.
  5. The interactive map provides tool options laid out at the bottom of the screen including a map export function.
  6. View local Milton GIS data by selecting “Map Layers” located top left of map. Select any number of data layers to view on map.
  7. A report can be generated for the selected data by clicking either “PDF”, “EXCEL”, “PRINT” or “SHARE”.

If you are looking for specific information about Milton and do not see it in the Data Centre tool below, contact us online or by phone at 905-878-7252.