Milton, Ontario’s workforce is made up of young, passionate, STEM-educated individuals on the lookout for their next challenge.

We are home to one of Ontario’s most educated workforces. Our location in the centre of Canada’s largest technology cluster (North America’s second largest) attracts high-achievers in knowledge- and technology- based fields. Active and engaged, they seek highly competitive positions and networking opportunities with top tier employers.

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73% of Milton residents have a post-secondary education

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Milton is the 5th most educated workforce in Ontario

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40% of Miltonians are university educated

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54% of visible minorities Miltonians are university educated

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Creativity fuelled by diversity

With 36% of Milton residents born outside of Canada, our community demonstrates that diversity drives innovation. The perspectives, experiences and backgrounds of our workforce are far-reaching. We believe that collaboration between individuals with different mindsets and world views leads to bolder ideas and more thoughtful outcomes.

Graduates from leading academic institutions

Canada’s top-rated post-secondary institutions power Milton’s workforce. We enjoy close proximity to the University of Waterloo, the University of Toronto, and 14 other distinguished schools of higher learning.


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Attractive living

The development of high-density residential units in Milton has increased by 77% in the last year. With pedestrian-friendly neighbourhoods, flexible housing options, natural surroundings and easy access to urban centres – Milton is a highly desired home for workers seeking healthy and balanced lifestyles.

Highly educated & motivated workforce

Milton is the fourth-most educated community in Canada.

  • 64% of Milton’s population have a post-secondary degree

  • 70% are within STEM related fields

This is all the more impressive when you consider that over 24% of Milton’s residents are not old enough to have graduated from high school yet. In addition to having a highly skilled, labour-ready workforce today, we have all the building blocks necessary to develop the workforce of the future.

Milton scores highly in workforce participation at 75.8%. Did you know that Milton also has the highest female participation at 71%? This ranks us the fourth highest labour force participation in Canada and explains why talented labour thrives in Milton.

Leaders of the Creative Class economy

Top ranked for our Creative Class (4th), Milton is a place where scientific and technically-savvy talent look for employment. Milton is the 4th largest employer of physical, technical and life science graduates.

Soon to be home of the Milton Education Village, our world-renowned post-secondary partners, Wilfrid Laurier University and Conestoga College will drive future-focused learning, innovation, and sustainable development – key values of Milton.

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