Milton is subject to the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (MFIPPA). The Act holds us accountable and ensures that information is publicly available. MFIPPA also allows you to submit a Freedom of Information request to access government information and requires us to protect personal information in our custody. 

 Make an information request

Before making a formal request, contact us to see if the information is already available through the responible departments. If not, please complete the Freedom of Information Request form and submit it along with a $5 application fee to Town Hall located 150 Mary St.

We will respond with 30 days of receiving your request. However, if you request records that contain third party information, we will notify the third party within 30 days. The third party must respond within 20 days if they will allow their information to be disclosed.

Requesting access or to your own information

Please complete the Freedom of Information Request form and return it with a copy of your identification with a signature (such as driver’s license) to Milton Town Hall at 150 Mary Street with the $5 application fee.  

Correction of personal information

If you believe your personal information on record is incorrect, you can submit a Request to Correct Personal Information form. Please submit this along with a copy of identification that includes your signature to:

Information Governance and Records Manager

150 Mary St.
Milton, ON

Milton will decide whether to make the correction. If your information is not corrected, you can ask that a Statement of Disagreement be attached to the record to show that you don’t believe the information is correct.

Requesting information for a third party

If you’re requesting information on behalf of someone else, you’ll need to include a signed consent form that states the individual is authorizing you to act on their behalf. You will also need to provide a photocopy of a piece of their identification with a signature (such as a driver’s licence).

Routine disclosure of records 

Some records can be requested directly from departments without submitting a formal Freedom of Information request:

  • Building and Property Records (with proof of ownership) can be requested in-person at Milton Town Hall.                                                                               

     Phone: 905-878-7252 x2391

  • Environmental related records including orders, spills and contaminations can be requested in-person at Milton Town Hall.

     Phone: 905-878-7252 x2391

  • Fire Reports (with proof of ownership) can be requested in-person at Milton Fire Department Headquarters, 610 Savoline Blvd.                

     Phone: 905-878-9251 


In addition to the $5 application fee, you may be charged additional processing fees:

  • $7.50 per 15 minutes of search time (doesn’t apply to requests for personal information)
  • $7.50 per 15 minutes to prepare the records for disclosure (doesn’t apply to requests for personal information)
  • $0.20 per page for photocopies and/or computer printouts
  • $15 per 15 minutes if we need to develop a computer program to retrieve information
  • $10 for disks
  • Shipping costs

We will not release the records until you pay all retrieval fees. If the retrieval costs less than $25, you won’t receive an estimate of fees. If the request costs between $25 and $100, you will be given an estimate of the fees prior to the release of the records. If the request costs more than $100, you may be required to provide a 50% deposit before we process your request.


If you’re not satisfied with Milton’s response to your request for information or the fee estimate, you can make an appeal to the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario. You must file the appeal within 30 days of receiving the decision letter or fee estimate.

Privacy policy 

The Town of Milton protects the privacy of any personal information you provide to us or that we collect when you visit our website or mobile application. 

Security of personal information

The Town of Milton is the sole owner of the information collected through our website or mobile application. We do not exchange, rent, sell, or otherwise disclose your personal information to any outside organization or person unless the disclosure is required by law.

Use of cookies

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A cookie file can contain information such as:

  • the user ID that the site uses to track the pages you have visited
  • your ID and password for a page on our site
  • the options you have selected on a page that can be customized

The only personal information a cookie can contain is information you supply yourself. A cookie cannot read data off your hard disk or read cookie files created by other sites.

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Information pertaining to Canada's private sector privacy law, the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act can be found on the website of the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada.