COVID-19 update: At this time, drop-in cycling is not available. We hope to resume drop-in cycling later in the fall, in accordance with provincial regulations. The National Cycling Institute Milton (NCIM) is currently offering certifications and registered programming.

We offer drop-in cycling sessions for all certified riders aged 11 and older. View our drop-in schedule to find upcoming drop-in times. We offer two kinds of supervised sessions, drop-in and open track. Drop-ins are for steady tempo riding. Open track allows you to plan your own efforts that you communicate with the on-site coach and other riders.

Track certification

You must be certified to participate in drop-in and registered programs at the Mattamy National Cycling Centre. Public certifications are offered by the National Cycling Institute Milton (NCIM) or you can arrange for a private session. Once you have completed the track certification course, you will receive a Track Certification card and will be able to set up an online account.

If you are a visiting rider with track cycling experience, you may schedule an assessment for probationary certification. You must have proof that you have ridden a track of equal or greater banking within the last year. You may show a certification card from a qualifying track, race results or a letter from a Track Director. Probationary certification is lifted after three sessions and instructor endorsement.

Submit your Request for Assessment


In order to accommodate as many riders as possible, you must cancel a pre-booked drop-in session at least 12 hours before the start of the ride.

Cancellation policy

If you do not cancel a booking at least 12 hours prior to the drop-in session or do not show up for a session that you have booked, you will receive a no-show on your account. Here is how we handle no-shows:

  • First time, you will receive an email warning
  • Second time, you will receive a second email warning
  • Third time, you will lose advanced booking privileges for 14 days

Become a member

Consider becoming a cycling member to access advanced booking privileges. We offer a variety of membership levels.

Riding etiquette

We want to ensure that the track remains a fun and safe environment for all riders. Our track facilitators will monitor all riders to help maintain a safe and friendly environment.

General riding guidelines

Please follow these riding guidelines during all drop-in riding sessions:

  • Always complete a shoulder-check to ensure it is safe to move laterally up or down the track
  • Shout “STICK” to announce your approach to overtake slower riders (this communicates the rider should stick in their lane and not move laterally)
  • Interval efforts or sprints are not allowed during drop-ins, unless there are 10 or fewer people and then only at the discretion of the facilitator

There are two lines for riding pace in formation, known as a pace line:

  • The black line to the red line are for slower pace lines and slower riders
  • Just above the blue line is for faster pace lines and riders

Open track guidelines

During open track programs, you should follow all of the general riding guidelines as well as these rules:

  • You must state your riding intentions to both the facilitator and the rest of the group
  • You may be grouped for timing purposes
  • Aero bars are permitted at your coach’s discretion
  • Interval training and faster efforts are allowed and encouraged, but must be timed safely with other activity on the track
  • Entry and exit to the track is done between turns two and three only
  • Only one coach is allowed on the safety at a time at the discretion of the facilitator
To ensure space for riders, please wait on the infield between efforts, not on the cycling ramp

Safe riding policy

To help ensure a safe riding environment, we have a three-strike policy for drop-in cycling programs. We will give two verbal warnings for unsafe behaviour. The third time that you display unsafe behaviour; you will be placed on probationary certification. In order to regain full certification, you will need to follow the probationary certification process. We may ask you to end your session at any time if we feel safety is at risk.

Equipment rentals

We offer bike and helmet rentals to help get you on the track.