Culture is what connects people to places and to each other. Culture is what unlocks the transformative emotional investments we make in our community. The Milton culture plan, "Here to Stay", reflects Milton’s diversity and provides a framework that will continue to guide equitable, creative and collaborative cultural planning in Milton over the next decade and beyond.

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Culture in Milton

Through this cultural planning process, stakeholders and community members defined culture as the expression of Milton’s diverse identities through Milton’s people, places, stories and beliefs.


The Vision provides direction to the culture plan. It describes where the Town of Milton will be as a result of this work. It aims to galvanize energy and inspire.

Here to Stay

Culture is rooted and reflected in Milton’s people and places. Milton will support a thriving and diverse cultural community, offering inclusive and equitable opportunities to create, imagine and invest in the future. A Place of Possibility.

Avenues of action

The Town of Milton’s Culture Plan features five strategic Avenues of Action that work in harmony towards the vision. These Avenues reflect the strategic opportunities and guiding principles that emerged in our engagements and research.

Foster a resilient and collaborative cultural sector

This Avenue focuses on weaving a well-connected and collaborative cultural network in Milton through facilitating relationship and capacity building opportunities.

Celebrate and share Milton’s diversity

This Avenue focuses on ensuring all Miltonians see themselves reflected in the Town’s cultural programming and spaces; and that we have ample opportunities to share our own cultures, while learning about others.

Support Indigenous cultural resurgence

This Avenue focuses on responding to the Truth and Reconciliation Calls to Action. This includes creating meaningful spaces for us to learn about Indigenous history, culture and the impacts of colonialism to define a reconciled future.

Strengthen culture-led economic and social development 

This Avenue considers Milton’s potential as a cultural destination and hub, ensuring creative work, entrepreneurship and tourism are supported.

Expand investment in cultural infrastructure, including places and spaces

This Avenue focuses on decentralizing culture, by animating public spaces and incorporating affordable, accessible and flexible spaces throughout Milton.