We are committed to providing a variety of recreation programs for all abilities. This includes inclusive and adaptive programs for all ages. Learn how we can help you access our recreation programs today.


Participants may benefit from inclusion supports if they:

  • Require or receive additional support in a school setting
  • Have an exceptionality that could affect their safety or the safety of others
  • Require extra support at home for personal care such as feeding or toileting
  • Are currently associated with a support agency
  • Have a safety plan in place with their educational institution

Is the participant group ready?

To support the success, safety and inclusion of all individuals registered in Town of Milton programs and camps, it is important that all participants are ‘group ready’.

Before registering, consider if the participant is able to do the following either independently or with extra support:

  • Follows directions and instructions from a staff person
  • Comfortable and able to interact in a group environment
  • Able to participate in the program. Participation in programs is based on the participant’s individual needs; however, it is asked that participants demonstrate the ability to participate in at least 50% of the program
  • Able to interact and participate in the program in a way that is safe for themselves and others

Types of inclusion supports available: 

Provide a Personal Support Worker to attend with the participant

You can provide your own personal support worker in any of our programs at no additional cost. This individual must be at least 16 years of age. Personal support workers participating in our registered and camp programs are required to provide an up-to-date Criminal Reference Check with Vulnerable Sector Screening and sign off on a Personal Support Worker Expectation form. Please contact the Inclusion Coordinator for further details.

Register for Inclusion Care for Assisted Needs (ICAN) support

ICAN support is provided by paid staff and is available at no extra cost. Inclusion staff receive general training on program adaptations, behaviour management and basic personal care; however typically do not have professional qualifications in this field. There are a limited number of spaces available for year round programs and camps.

To register for ICAN support in year round programs:

  1. Register for ICAN Seasonal Support at a $0 fee
  2. You will be prompted to identify your program of choice – participant’s must meet the age requirements for the program
  3. Once registration is complete, submit the All About Me Form (in your welcome package email)
  4. You will be contacted to confirm your program placement and payment details
  5. The program fee will be charged to your account

If you require inclusion support in swim programs, register for the ICAN swim listed in the Inclusion/Special Needs section on our registration page

To register for ICAN Support in summer camp, go to our summer camp page for more information

Register for an adapted program

Adapted programs offer smaller groups, higher staff to participant ratio and flexible programming to meet various needs.  To see a list of current adapted programs, go to the Inclusion/Special Needs section on the registration page.

Sensory kits

Sensory kits are available at the Milton Sports Centre, Milton Leisure Centre and Sherwood Community Centre for use on site, free of charge.

Each kit includes noise-cancelling ear covers, fidget toys, weighted lap pads, and textured seat cushions.

Visitors can request a sensory kit at the customer service desk of a participating recreation centre. Kits are available for use on site, on a first-come, first-served basis during business hours.

Inclusion registration – All About Me Form

After completing the online registration for an inclusion program or ICAN support, all participants are required to fill out an All About Me form. We want to know as much as we can about you or your child so that we can offer the best possible support.  You only need to fill this out once, unless there are updates or changes that we should know.

Information provided in the All About Me package is confidential and will only be provided to staff working directly with you or your child in a program. For more information about the registration process or our inclusion programs, please call 905-878-7252 ext. 2605.