Please note: As of April 29, 2024, the Milton Small Grant Program has been renamed as the Milton Community Connections Grant. Please review the current guidelines. Any applications received prior to April 29, 2024 will be reviewed per the 2024 Milton Small Grant Program Guidelines.

Are you planning an initiative that enhances the well-being of Milton residents? The Milton Community Connections Grant (MCCG) is here to help you.

The MCCG provides financial assistance to residents and nonprofits. It helps to partner and support our diverse groups and areas in Milton.

Funding will support programs in recreation, the arts, wellness and more.

Learn more about our goals in the Milton Culture Plan.

About the program

The Milton Community Connections Grant is funded by the Milton Community Fund. Each applicant can get up to $2,500 once a year. This money is meant to help community members connect with each other by sharing knowledge, talents, and spaces.

If your organization can't take money from the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG), you can talk to Town staff about other ways to get funding.

The period to apply for the 2024 grant is now open.

Grants are given on a first-come, first-served basis. If funding for the year runs out before the year is over, no more applications will be accepted until the next year.

How to apply

Submit an application

The 2024 application is now open.

Submit an Application

This grant is given out on a first-come, first-served basis. If all the funding for the year is used before the end of the year, no more applications will be accepted for the rest of that year.

You need to submit your application at least 60 business days before your event or activity.

When submitting an application, you will need to provide: 

  • Contact information
  • Amount of funding being requested
  • How funds would be used
  • Short description of the initiative, including where and when it will take place and its total cost 


To apply for this funding, you must be a Milton resident/resident group or a Milton-based nonprofit organization, in good financial standing with the Town of Milton.

  • Individuals submitting a resident/resident group application must be 18 years of age or older, and can only receive one (1) grant per funding year, per Milton residential address
  • Nonprofit organizations can only receive one (1) grant per funding year, and become ineligible for any other Town of Milton grant funding for the same calendar year that the Milton Community Connections Grant has been allotted
  • Nonprofit organizations must operate under the authority of an active volunteer board / executive / organizing committee with at least five (5) members, with a minimum of four (4) members not related by blood or marriage
  • Nonprofit organizations must have a minimum of 75% of its membership / registrants comprised of Milton residents / ratepayers (exemptions may apply)
  • Nonprofit organizations must have a central organization email address and demonstrated online presence proving ease of accessibility to the Milton public.
  • Grant recipients must provide proof of General Liability Insurance coverage for any approved allocations or associated events, with a limit of not less than $5 million proof of insurance, listing the Corporation of the Town of Milton, 150 Mary St., Milton., ON L9T 6Z5 as an additional insured; indication that cross liability is included under the General Liability Policy; and 30 days written notice of cancellation or material change in coverage.
  • Grant recipients must follow all municipal, provincial and federal legislation and by-laws related to the event / activity, and are responsible for all arranging and applying for any and all inspections/permits/licenses/approvals related to the approved items of their application

The event/activity must:

  • take place in, or directly benefit the Milton community
  • be entirely free and accessible for the Milton public to participate in and attend
  • be publicly accessible and not held on a property associated with an applicant’s personal business
  • provide for community building, an opportunity for connection, knowledge sharing, and relationship building

View the full eligibility guidelines.

Frequently asked questions

How will funds be received?

Funding will be given out after the event and after a post-event summary has been submitted, which will be reviewed to confirm adherence to the Milton Community Connections Grant Guidelines.

The post-event summary is a fillable form where recipients of the grant would need to:

  • Include a brief description of the project
  • Detail its impact on the community
  • Provide the total amount spent
  • Detail and upload receipts for expenses funded by the program 

What types of events/activities qualify for funding?

Here are some examples of events that might be eligible for the Milton Community Connections Grant:

  • Activities that help people learn about different cultures;
  • Arts and culture events like workshops, talks, walking tours, concerts, talent shows, storytelling, cooking shows, game nights, public art projects, and outdoor movies;
  • Sessions to learn new sports;
  • Neighborhood street parties or picnics;
  • Activities focused on health and wellness through recreation;
  • Events centered around recreation and culture that help people in the community who might feel alone or who need extra support;
  • Various special events.

These examples are not the only ones possible. We welcome all ideas that fit the goals of the program, and you can submit them to see if they qualify for funding.

What types of items qualify for funding?

  • Contract fees (e.g. artists, service people, security, etc.)
  • Equipment
  • Food and/or beverages (non-alcoholic)
  • Music
  • Operating costs (e.g. liability insurance, road closures, etc.)
  • Promotion
  • Rental Fees
  • Supplies

What types of events/activities are not eligible for funding?

Here are some examples of events that are not eligible for the Milton Community Connections Grant:

  • Activities related to schoolwork or tutoring.
  • Activities that do not treat everyone fairly, as defined by the Ontario Human Rights Code.
  • Activities that focus on promoting religious beliefs.
  • Events that are already getting money from another group or level of government.
  • Events that have received money for the last three years.
  • Flow-through funding, which means giving the grant money to others, like scholarships or bursaries.
  • Fundraising events.
  • Neighborhood clean-ups, because the Town of Milton organizes these every spring. You can find more information and dates on the Town's website.
  • Political or advocacy activities with efforts to sway opinion.

These are just some examples. Make sure to check if your event matches the eligibility guidelines before you apply.

What aspects of the event will not be covered by funding?

Here are some examples of aspects of your event that will not be covered by funding: 

  • Buying things that someone keeps after the event, like prizes. (Nonprofit organizations may keep items, pending review)
  • Buying alcohol, tobacco, or cannabis.
  • Buying or renting fireworks and propane tanks.
  • Remitting payment to individuals for their time

What types of applicants are not eligible for funding?

Here are some examples of groups and activities that are not eligible for the Milton Community Connections Grant:

  • Businesses and nonprofits that support businesses.
  • Groups focused on schoolwork or tutoring.
  • Foundations that raise money for nonprofit or for-profit organizations, or any level of government and their related groups.
  • Organizations that are in the social service sector.
  • Organizations whose activities do not treat everyone fairly, according to the Ontario Human Rights Code.
  • Organizations that focus on political activities.

These are just a few examples. Make sure your group or event fits the eligibility guidelines before you apply.