The Town has implemented a number of new measures as a result of COVID to include smaller group sizes or larger program areas to assist with physical distancing. Face masks are mandatory while in our facilities and program areas as directed. See the new safety protocols and guidelines for aquafit classes 

Online pre-registration is required for all aquafit classes

Looking for a low impact fitness program? Try our aquafit classes. Aquafit uses water resistance to provide a full body workout


Drop-in Aquafit schedule

You can download the myMILTON app for updated aquafit schedules right to your smartphone. 

AquaFit rates
AgeSingle Visit10-visit passAnnual passAnnual Active Living with AquaFit pass
Youth (14 to 17 years of age) $10.50 $94.50 $356.10 Not available at this time
Adult (18 to 64 years of age) $11.60 $104.40 $508.70 Not available at this time
Older adult (65+ years of age) $10.50 $94.50 $356.10 Not available at this time

Class Descriptions

We offer the following drop-in aquafit classes:

Shallow aquafit 

Use the resistance of water to stretch and strengthen your muscles while also getting a great cardio workout. This class is suitable for swimmers and non-swimmers alike.

Deep aquafit

This class provides a moderate to intense total body workout in deep water, including cardiovascular and muscle strengthening. Participants should feel comfortable in deep water. We will provide floatation belts.

Warm water aquafit

This class is a full body workout in warm water and includes muscle strengthening and conditioning.

Gentle aquafit

This low impact and reduced intensity aquafit class is ideal for older adults, participants with joint ailments, those recovering from injuries or surgeries and anyone looking to start working out.