Drop-in cycling

The National Cycling Institute Milton (NCIM) offers drop-in cycling sessions for all certified riders aged 13 and older.

For drop-in cycling questions, please email the National Cycling Institute Milton.

Register for Drop-In Cycling

Track certification

You must be certified to participate in drop-in and registered programs at the Mattamy National Cycling Centre. Public certifications are offered by the National Cycling Institute Milton (NCIM) or you can arrange for a private session.

If you are a visiting rider with track cycling experience, you may schedule an assessment for probationary certification. You must have proof that you have ridden a track of equal or greater banking within the last year. You may show a certification card from a qualifying track, race results or a letter from a Track Director. Probationary certification is lifted after three sessions and instructor endorsement.

Equipment rentals

The Fix offers bike rentals to help get you on the track.