Milton has many parks and trails, sports fields and courts, as well as dog parks that you can explore and use.

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Explore Milton's trails and bike paths using our interactive mapping tool. 

See an issue in one of our green spaces? Please let us know by using the Report a Problem page. With your help, we can ensure that Milton stays a safe, liveable and healthy community.

Park rentals

You can rent park space for your next picnic, wedding or social gathering, or book one of our sports fields or courts for your outdoor sporting event. 

You must apply for a permit if your gathering has more than 25 people, or needs:

  • Exclusive use of a space
  • Use of a barbeque or inflatable device
  • Food or merchandise vendors
  • Tents larger than 10 feet by 10 feet
  • Vehicle access

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Protecting our green spaces

We want to ensure that everyone can enjoy our green spaces for many years to come. You can help us keep them clean by removing any plastic bags, bottles and garbage.

Dumping, cutting and encroachment

Please let us know if you see someone dumping, cutting or encroaching on Milton green spaces so that we can investigate. Safely taking photos and licence plate numbers is very helpful.

Using our trails

Make sure that you enter and exit woodlots and trails at their labelled entrances. We design our trails to keep you away from unsafe plants like poison ivy. Staying on the trails helps to avoid causing damage to our environment. Never alter any Milton-installed fences and always keep dogs on a leash.

Dispose of debris properly

Dumping grass or sod in woodlot can smother plants and introduce invasive species. Garbage and litter impacts the natural beauty of our surroundings. Please see By-law #50-91 for more information.

Do not cut, add or remove plants

Please do not cut any grass or add and remove plants as this allows invasive plants and weeds to take over green spaces. Invasive plants can also thrive because of unnecessary pruning.

Keep your living space on your property

Do not put household items on Milton-owned green spaces. This is trespassing and destruction of public property.

Make sure that you keep items on your property, such as:

  • Downspouts
  • Gardens
  • Lawn furniture
  • Outdoor lights
  • Storage materials