Connect to Milton Transit by bike! Our bike and ride program encourages you to keep active. All of our buses have a front-loading bike rack to help you transition between cycling and public transit as you move throughout Milton. There is no additional cost for using the bike racks.

Using the bike racks

Step-by-step instructions for loading and unloading are located on the bike rack. It is your responsibility to load and unload your bike. Review these tips.

Loading and securing your bike

Follow these steps to safely secure your bike to the bike rack:

  1. Wait for the bus to come to a complete stop
  2. Indicate to the operator that you want to load your bike onto the rack
  3. Lower the rack by squeezing the rack handle
  4. Lift your bike onto the rack and place it in the tire grooves closest to the bus
  5. Once seated in the grooves, rotate the spring-loaded support arm upwards to secure the front tire
  6. Board the bus
  7. Keep an eye on your bike throughout the trip

Unloading your bike

Follow these instruction to safely remove your bike from the bike rack:

  1. Exit from the front door and tell the operator that you’ll be unloading your bike
  2. Approach from the curb side and rotate the spring-loaded support arm downward
  3. Lift your bike from the tire grooves (if there are no other bikes, fold the rack up and lock it in place)
  4. Carry the bike form the front of the bus onto the sidewalk
  5. Signal to the operator that you’ve finished unloading


Here are a few additional guidelines:

  • Children under 12 years of age must be accompanied by an adult to use the rack
  • Racks are available on a first come, first served basis
  • Each racks hold a maximum of two bikes
  • Remove any loose items from your bike, such as water bottles, saddlebags or carriers before loading

It is up to the bus operator to determine whether a bike is allowed on the rack. The following are not allowed on the racks:

  • Tricycles, tandems and motorized bikes
  • Locks or chains attached to the bike rack
  • Bikes with large carriers or accessories may not be allowed on the rack

What if the rack is full?

You may be able to bring your bike onboard if the:

  • Bus is low-floor (wheelchair accessible)
  • The accessible area isn’t occupied
  • Bus operator agrees that it’s safe


Milton Transit is not responsible for loss, damage or theft. Milton Transit may refuse cyclists access to the bike racks due to unsafe conditions, or for any reason, at the Town of Milton’s discretion. The sole responsibility for properly securing the bike rests with the cyclists. The Town of Milton is not responsible for damages directly or indirectly incurred or caused by or to bicycles, to any person or property, or for stolen bicycles.