Do you ride the Milton GO train? Take Milton Transit at a discounted fare through our GO Transit fare integration service.  You only pay $0.80 cash fare for all Milton Transit trips connecting to or from GO Transit at the Milton GO Station.

How it works

Simply show your GO Transit ticket, pass or PRESTO card to the Milton Transit operator and you can pay the reduced $0.80 cash fare. You can also show a GO Transfer Monthly Pass.

Purchase a GO transfer monthly pass

You can purchase a GO Transfer Monthly pass for $32 a month. This pass allows unlimited connections between Milton Transit and GO Transit. Pick up your pass at any ticket agent in Milton. With a GO Transfer Monthly pass, you no longer need to carry change to pay the $0.80 cash fare.


The discounted fare only applies to GO Transit train and bus passenger transfers (outbound and inbound) at the Milton GO Station. It does not apply to any bus-to-bus connections at other bus stops, and no stopovers.

The following are not accepted as valid fare to receive the discount:

  • GO Transit Group Passes
  • Metrolinx/GO Transit Employee Passes
  • GO Transit photo ID or school-issued ID cards