Learn what we're doing to reduce our impact on the environment with our community planning and education to residents.

photo of someone holding a small treeCorporate Energy Plan

5 year plan that reports on Town owned facilities energy profiles
  • Town Facilities  


photo of a family standing in a green fieldCommunity Energy Plan

Plan that provides an overview of energy consumption within the Town across all sectors
  • Town Wide

photo of family cyclingTrails & Cycling Master Plan 

Prove active transportation network for residents that allows for pedestrians and cyclists 
  • Town Wide

photo of a community of green builidingsEncourage “Green Buildings” 

Through site plan approval
  • Town Wide

photo of trees lining a residential streetPolicies Supporting Urban Forestry

Requirements for landscaping and street trees implemented through development applications
  • Town Wide

photo of a landscape drawingLand Use Planning 

Policy documents encourage and implement transit supportive development
  • Town Wide

photo of a house being constructedImplementation of Energy Efficiency in New Construction and Renovations

In accordance with Ontario Building Code
  • Town Wide

photo of a patio table on a lawaSubwatershed Planning 

New development areas designed to protect and sustain natural heritage features and functions which improves water quality and supports a robust natural environment
  • Town Wide

photo of a woodlotWoodlot Acquisition 

Through development, the town has acquired and maintains a number of urban woodlots in order to protect urban tree cover
  • Town Wide

photo of an ariel view of townUrban Development Standards

Ensure compact and efficient built form, reducing the overall consumption of land and the unnecessary extension of roads and other infrastructure
  • Town Wide


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