The Town of Milton's year-round road maintenance programs provide safety for all road users, and the highest quality of service for road infrastructure. 

Report a road repair or maintenance issue

Road maintenance programs

Town staff perform road patrols all year to monitor road maintenance and carry out the programs listed below.


Brushing clears the road of tree branches and limbs for cyclist and vehicle safety and ensures effective stormwater runoff is maintained.

Catch basins

Catch basins, also known as storm sewers, are vital in controlling potential flood situations. Water from sidewalks and streets drain into these catch basins. For this reason, it is important to keep them clear of debris. The Town monitors and clears these catch basins, especially in areas that have been known to have flooding issues. Please do not sweep grass clippings and other debris onto the road. These materials eventually make their way into catch basins and can potentially keep water from draining properly into them, as well as making their way into our waterways. 

Shouldering and ditching

Our annual shouldering and ditching program takes place on roads that do not have curbs and gutters. Shoulder grading is required to ensure proper road drainage and reduce roadway damage and flooding.

We clean, separate and recycle our ditching materials to use for top soil for gardening throughout the community.

Street sweeping

Street sweeping takes place in spring, summer and fall. The street sweeping program removes winter sanding materials, leaves and debris that have accumulated on roads. Town staff collect sand from the roads, screen it and then store it to reuse in the winter months. In 2018, Milton crews collected just over 3,000 tonnes of street sweepings and were able to reuse 1,500 tonnes.

The Town approaches street sweeping as follows:

  • Dedicated cycling lanes and main streets are addressed first because the potential for dust on these streets is the greatest due to higher traffic volumes followed by transit routes and collector streets.
  • Once the main and collector streets are complete, the program moves to residential streets. Residential streets typically have curbs and gutters, where the winter sand collects.
  • Sweeping then moves to rural roads in areas where there are curbs and gutters.

Line painting

We repaint all of our urban and rural roads, bike lanes and pedestrian crosswalks each spring. Halton Region maintains all regional roads. Follow us on Twitter or Facebook for the latest updates on our road painting schedule. Please note: paint trucks often drive slower than the speed limit. You should try to avoid passing them as road paint can stick to your vehicle, which can be very difficult to remove.