photo of water barrelGrey Water System 

Collect and store rain water from roof for use in water closets 
  • Milton Sports Centre

photo of people planting treesTree Planting 

Trees planted through programs, and partnerships with companies to plant or restore hundreds of trees annually
  • Union Gas / Sunny Mount Park / Anne J. MacArthur P.S
  • East of Drumquin Park in 16 Mile Creek Floodplain
  • Channel East of Roper Drive
  • Various developments

photo of people in a community gardenCommunity Gardens 

Joint project with Milton & District Horticultural Society, provides gardening plots for residents   
  • Allendale
  • Sunny Mount Park 


photo of a water bottle filling stationWater bottle Refill Stations

Fill stations helps keep water bottles from landfill and recycling stream
  • Sherwood Community Centre
  • FirstOntario Arts Centre Milton
  • Milton Sports Centre
  • John Tonelli Sports Centre
  • Memorial Arena
  • Mattamy National Cycling Centre

photo of a water tapLow Flow Water Fixtures 

Water conservation 
  • All Town facilities

photo of a salterSalt Management Program 

Based on actual weather monitoring and forecast, managed salt application to reduce ground contamination 
  • Road operations and facilities

photo of green cleaning productsGreen Cleaning Products  

Use of environmentally friendly cleaning products 
  • All Town facilities

photo of people picking up garbageClean up Days

Work with a variety of organizations or schools to host annual spring clean ups in various areas 
  • Various Woodlots throughout Town

photo of a storm pondLeiterman Park SWM Pond – Tree Species and Stormwater Teaching 

Worked with Boyne P.S. Grade 4 class to provide 2 teaching tours about parks, tree species identification and stormwater management 
  • Leiterman Park and SWM Pond

photo of a white roofWhite Roof Technology 

White roofing material is used to reduce heat gain on building and rejection back to atmosphere 
  • FirstOntario Arts Centre Milton
  • Mattamy National Cycling Centre 

photo of native plantsSustainable Native Planting

Use of native drought hearty plant materials, eliminated need for irrigation to conserve water
  • Milton Leisure Centre
  • Milton Sports Centre
  • Beaty Branch Library 

photo of a recycling binRecycling Program 

Recycling bins and collection to reduce waste
  • All Town facilities

photo of a street sweeperStreet Sweeping Recycling

Sand from roads are collected, screened and stored over the summer to reuse in the winter. 
  • Road Construction

photo of asphaltUse of “Warm” Asphalt and recycled material 

Saves natural gas to heat product reducing GHGs
  • Road Construction

photo of a machine paving a roadUse of Recycled Asphalt Pavement (RAP) 

Recycling used asphalt from road construction for a new use   
  • Mattamy National Cycling Centre
  • Shouldering in rural areas
  • Trails 

photo of pavement markingsIntersection Improvements 

Signals/provision of turning lanes; efficient signal phasing and provision of turning lanes improves traffic levels and reduces GHGs. Using environmental friendly products. Signals are actuated and do not run on fixed time
  • Road Construction

photo of a person reading a magazineEliminated Printing of Recreation Guide 

The recreation guide is available online, eliminating printing over 600,000 pages annually    
  • Town wide

photo of paint cansUse of low VOC paints 

Environmentally friendly products that save volatile organic compounds from the atmosphere
  • All Town facilities

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