Milton continues to look for ways to improve transportation around town to make it easier for drivers and cyclist to get around.

photo of a roundaboutImplementation of Roundabouts 

Makes for safer intersections and saves fuel, reducing GHG's
  • Town Wide

photo of a 4 wayImplementing Warranted 4 way Stop Intersections 

Saves fuel for drivers not having to brake, then accelerate, reducing GHG's
  • Town Wide

photo of fleet trucksAnti-idling and Right Sizing of Municipal Fleet

Auto shut down in larger trucks and some pickups and ensuring appropriate vehicles for specific tasks to reduce GHG's. 
  • Fleet Vehicles

photo of tiresUse of Low Rolling Coefficient of Resistance Tires in Fleet 

Appropriate  size of tire used and ensuring proper tire pressure to improve efficiency and save fuel
  • Fleet Vehicles

photo of a family cyclingPromotion of Cycling Tourism and Cycling and Trails Connections

Promote alternative transportation for healthy and active lifestyle. Create trails through subdivision and development processes
  • Town Wide


photo of smart commute logoSmart Commute 

Promote carpooling with Town staff, 3 dedicated garage spots
  • Town Hall

photo of a traffic lightMIO Vision

Traffic signal activation based on demand load to ease congestion and reduce idling
  • Being introduced Town Wide