Explore the road construction and structure construction projects that are on the horizon for Milton. 

Road construction projects forecast

Name of project



Work being done

Appleby Line Phase 3 Improvements

Design is underway with construction anticipated in 2025

Appleby Line from south of the hairpin turn to Derry Road

Phase 3 includes remaining road geometric improvements pavement, drainage beyond phase 2. Design started in 2021 and is scheduled to be completed in 2024.

Burhampthorpe  Road Rehabilitation

Design scheduled to start in 2023 with construction in 2024

Burhampthorpe  Road- RR25 to Tremaine (Boundary road with the Town of Oakville)

Scope of work is focused on asphalt rehabilitation, and implementing a paved shoulder where space permits. Cross culverts may be replaced if identified during detailed design.

Milborough Line Rehabilitation

Design scheduled to start in 2023 with construction 2024-2025

Milborough Line from Regional Road 7 -Derry Road to Concession Road 10 East (Hamilton)

Scope of work is focused on asphalt rehabilitation, and implementing a paved shoulder where space permits. Cross culverts may be replaced if identified during detailed design.

Esquesing Line and No. 5 Side Road Signalization

Design to start in 2023, with construction/signal installation anticipated for 2024

Intersection of Esquesing Line and No.5 Side Road

Installation of a traffic signal and localized road work, at the intersection (currently an all way stop); joint project with Halton Hills.

Thompson Rd –Boulevard/Multi Use Path

Anticipated design 2023 with construction 2024-2025

West side of Thompson Road –Boulevard from the north limit of the gas easement to Clark Boulevard

Localized multi-use path and boulevard works.

Fifth Line Widening and Reconstruction

Design started in 2022 and construction is expected to occur from 2025 to 2026

South of Derry Road to south of Britannia Road

Road widening to four lanes, urbanization (adding curb and gutter) and intersection modifications to the intersections of Fifth Line and Clark Boulevard, Louis St. Laurent Boulevard and Britannia Road.  Multiple road closures will be required to facilitate the work.

Extension of Main Street East

MCEA work anticipated to start in 2023, with detailed design to follow in 2024/2025, and construction anticipated for 2026-2027

Fifth Line to Sixth Line

New road construction of Main Street East extension. Work requires a Schedule C Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (MCEA).

Louis St. Laurent Avenue Extension

MCEA work anticipated to start in 2024, with detailed design to follow in 2025 and construction anticipated for 2026-2027

Louis St. Laurent Avenue – Fifth Line to Sixth Line

New road construction of Louis St. Laurent Avenue extension.  Work requires a Schedule C Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (MCEA).

Peru Road – Cul de Sacs and Bridge Removal

Preliminary design and EA work commenced in 2022 with construction originally anticipated for 2024, however will ultimately be refined during the 2024 budget process and will depend on surrounding development timing, external agency approvals and land acquisition requirements

Peru Road at Structure 8, approximately 850 m north of Steeles Avenue

Removal of existing structure and installation of cul-de-sacs on both the north and south legs of Peru Road/on either side of the crossing location.

Structure construction projects forecast

Name of project



Work being done

Fourth Line Nassagaweya Bridge – Structure 112

Design to start in 2023, with construction anticipated for 2025, pending permit approvals

At structure location on Fourth Line Nassagweya (approximately 2.2 km north of 25 Side Road)

The proposed works include structure replacement with associated grading and restorations.

Kelso Road – Structure 74

Design is underway, with construction anticipated for 2024, pending permit approvals;

On Kelso Road, west of Tremaine Road

Proposed major rehabilitation and partial replacement of structure; pending final design and external agency requirements.

2025 Bridge and Culvert Rehabilitation Program

Design to start in 2023, with construction work anticipated in 2025, pending permit approvals

Various locations; preliminary list based on 2021 Bridge Needs Study - First Line Nassagaweya (Structure 12), Conservation Road (Structure 13),25 Sideroad (Structure 62), and Second Line Nassagaweya (Structure 110)

Biennial program for bridge and culvert rehabilitation works – including concrete patching, guiderail and end-treatment replacements.

Pond rehabilitation projects forecast

Name of project



Work being done

Storm Sewer Rehabilitation Program

For this annual program, design will commence in the year preceding construction

Various locations

Annual storm sewer rehabilitation program on various streets throughout Milton. Includes CCTV investigation, and storm sewer rehabilitation which may include the removal and replacement various storm sewer components such as maintenance holes, catch basins and storm sewer pipe. 

Stormwater Management Facility Rehabilitation

Design work will commence in 2023, with construction anticipated in summer 2024. Storm pond rehabilitation work is anticipated to be an annual or semi-annual program going forward.

Various stormwater management  facilities within Town

Various works to rectify minor deficiencies at Town-owned stormwater management facilities including concrete repair, grading, vegetation/debris removal, and sediment depth surveys to inform future cleanout projects.

Mill Pond Rehabilitation Project

Design work commenced in 2021, and ultimate scope of construction work is being determined through the advance of detailed design.  Construction activities are currently anticipated in 2024.

All work will occur within the exiting pond location, however nearby streets may be impacted for access/staging

Various works to rectify deficiencies (minor and major) at the Mill Pond, including concrete work (Inlet and outlet structures) erosion improvements along 16 Mile Creek, pedestrian safety improvements and removal of debris.

Design and construction

Learn about the process, environmental assessments and funding that support local road construction projects.

Graphic about road construction process with icons

Process details

The Town is responsible for the design and construction of all municipal roads, bridges and culverts. The process may require two or more years.
  1. Surveying is conducted
  2. An informal Project Initiation Meeting is held for new projects, with stakeholders, at the start of the design process
  3. Design work continues, including modifications from initial public feedback
  4. Public Input - A formal Public Information Centre is held later in the design process to present detailed design(s) to the community, at which time input is also requested
  5. The final design is presented to Council for approval
  6. Design projects generally begin in the spring and are completed in the late fall or early winter
  7. Construction projects are typically tendered in the winter and early spring
  8. Work generally commences in mid to late spring
  9. Construction timing, particularly in or near waterways, may be constrained by environmental requirements
  10. Every effort is made to minimize disruption to abutting properties during construction

Due to the scope or scale of any individual project, timelines and steps may vary. For example, not all projects will include a Project Initiation Meeting or Public Information Centre.

Environmental assessments

The Town currently has one ongoing Schedule C Municipal Class Environmental Assessment, the Boyne Active Transportation Link.  

An environmental assessment first step in all of our capital road projects. The project schedule (or type) according to the Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (MCEA) process is determined.

The MCEA has five phases:

  1. Identify the problem or opportunity
  2. Identify alternative solutions and evaluate them
  3. Prepare and evaluate alternative design concepts for the preferred solution
  4. Prepare an environmental study report
  5. Implementation (complete detailed design and ultimately proceed to construction)


The Canada Community-Building Fund is money the federal government gives to municipalities twice a year to support local infrastructure.

Local road construction projects partly funded by the Canada Community-Building Fund include:

  • Asphalt overlay of multiple streets
  • First Line, Lawson Road, and No. 5 Side Road resurfacing
  • Victoria Street (Bronte to James Street) reconstruction
  • Lower Base Line and Sixth Line resurfacing
  • Bronte Street (Main Street to Steeles Avenue) redevelopment
  • Bridge and culvert rehabilitation
  • Fifth Line urbanization
  • Asphalt overlay of multiple streets
  • Campbell Avenue (east of Guelph Line) reconstruction

 Visit the Association of Municipalities Ontario to learn more about Canada Community-Building funding. 

Road construction definitions

Asphalt overlay 

The process of replacing existing deteriorated asphalt surfaces with new. It also involves replacing portions of curb and rebuilding catch basins and manholes.

Expanded asphalt

Rehabilitation (usually limited to rural or industrial roads) of the road structure, which may include removal of asphalt, pulverizing of asphalt and granular material, and repaving with new asphalt, or utilizing asphalt recycling methods, depending on the particular road.  Also includes the installation of paved shoulders where feasible, and minor/localized ditch work and cross culvert replacements or repair.

Reconstruction and improvements 

The process of reconstructing an existing substandard road to current standards.


The process of completely rebuilding a road. This includes all the underground infrastructure and replacement of the road structure.

Surface treatment 

Surface treatment is the application of an asphalt based emulsion binder and a granular based wearing surface. The process waterproofs the roadway and eliminates grading and dusting of gravel rural roads.


Urbanization is the improvement of a road with ditches to a road with curb and gutter, drained by storm sewers.