The Milton Fire Department relies on a security key lock box system to enter an unoccupied property quickly and safely during an emergency response. We will never use a lock box to gain non-emergency entry to a building unless the building owner, manager or special agent is present or requests our entry.

Register a lock box

Fill out the lock box registration form once you have installed a lock box on your building or property. This form will update our records about the location and keys inside the lock box so that we can provide a quick and efficient emergency response.

Purchase a lock box

Contact us by email or call us at 905-878-9251 to purchase a lock box. Lock boxes cost $125 each. Once you have installed the box, please make sure to register your lock box so that we have all the information we need in the event of an emergency.

Benefits of a lock box

Lock boxes have a variety of benefits during an emergency response and can:

  • Provide immediate emergency entry during fire, medical or other emergencies
  • Prevent costly forced entry damage to doors and windows
  • Allow faster entry which reduces the potential damage caused by fire
  • Allow first responders to enter if an occupant of the building isn’t available
  • Reduces injures to firefighters