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Learn how to use the road closure map

The Town of Milton’s Development Services Department maintains and builds our network of roads. Major arterial roads are the responsibility of Halton Region. Learn how we handle snow removal, how to apply for Roadway Permits, or how we manage traffic and keep our roads safe.

Report a problem

You can report potholes, icy roads and sidewalks, and other road maintenance issues online.

Report a problem

Road construction projects

View our Road Construction Projects to find out what we’re working on and how you can avoid possible traffic issues.

Suggest a name for streets and facilities

You can submit street and facility names to the Milton Name Bank. Names that meet the below criteria could be used for new streets, parks and facilities in our community.

Submit a name

Historic contribution

We accept names that recognize individuals, families or businesses that have made a historic contribution to the Town of Milton, Regional Municipality of Halton, and local history through:

  • Events
  • Land use
  • Cultural landscape (aboriginal, pioneer, ethnic diversity)
This can include acknowledgement of our heritage, including buildings, structures, sites, natural features and landscapes

Community relevance and contribution

We accept names of locals who have gained international standing in their discipline, or an individual or organization that has made a significant contribution to the community at a provincial or national level.

Community, military or political service

We accept names of:

  • Milton Chamber of Commerce Citizens of the Year and Lifetime Achievement Award Winners
  • Former Presidents of the Halton Agricultural Society
  • Former Prime Ministers of Canada
  • Former Premiers of Ontario
  • Former Governors General of Canada
  • Former Lieutenant Governors of Ontario
  • Federal Members of Parliament retired from public office who have represented Milton and area since 1867
  • Ontario Members of Parliament retired from active office who have represented Milton and area since 1987
  • Members of Milton Council retired from active office

We accept names of locals who served in the military during:

  • Fenian Raids
  • South African War
  • Korean War
  • World War I
  • World War II

This also include fallen veterans of world wars identified by the Royal Canadian Legion.

We accept former:

  • Chiefs of Milton Fire Department
  • Milton Chief (Police) Constables
  • Chairs of the Regional Municipality of Halton
  • Judges and Sheriffs of Halton County
  • Provincial Representatives of the Legislature of Canada West
  • Federal Representatives of the Legislature of Upper Canada
  • Lieutenant-Governors of Upper Canada, Canada West and/or Ontario
  • Lieutenant-Governors of Canada

Features and geography

We accept names that include the geographic location of a facility, including the name of major streets that the property faces, neighbourhood name, planning name, or Council-approved development area name are also accepted.

Names can also acknowledge natural features, ecological relationships, scenic or tourist attractions, as well as indigenous flora and fauna.

They can also reflect the service, function or programming of the site. Support commemorative initiatives and celebrations programs, such as a twin city, millennium event, national event, etc.

We will not consider any names that:

  • Cause confusion because they duplicate or are too similar to existing names
  • May be interpreted as an advertisement
  • Are discriminatory
  • Imply political affiliation

Line painting

We repaint all of our urban and rural roads, bike lanes and pedestrian crosswalks each spring. Halton Region maintains all regional roads. Follow us on Twitter or Facebook for the latest updates on our road painting schedule.

Please note

Paint trucks often drive slower than the speed limit. You should try to avoid passing them as road paint can stick to your vehicle, which can be very difficult to remove.