Short-term rentals are considered a type of accommodation where an individual rents a residence, or a portion of a residence, for a short period of time, generally through internet platforms such as Airbnb and VRBO.

Be a good neighbour

Milton is a friendly and welcoming community. When hosting guests at your short-term rental, please remind them to be courteous to those in your neighbourhood and to follow our community standards:

For inquiries regarding noise, parking, disturbances or garbage, please fill out the Town’s contact form or call 905-878-7252 ext. 2137. For inquiries regarding property maintenance, host compliance or advertising discrepancies, please contact the hosting platform directly (Airbnb or VRBO).

Short-term rentals study

Similar to other municipalities, the Town of Milton is experiencing an increase in the number of short-term rentals operating in the community. We’re currently undergoing a study to address challenges related to short-term rentals, explore options and determine how to regulate these rentals. 

Zoning By-law amendments

Proposed Zoning By-law amendments are being considered as a part of the implementation strategy approved by Council on Feb. 7, 2022. These amendments will add “Short-Term Rental” as a definition to the Town’s Zoning By-law, as well as put forth the requirement that a certificate of occupancy be obtained, and that a minimum parking requirement of one off-street parking space, specifically for use by the short-term rental, be met. This change will permit “Short-Term Rental” in only residential zones.

These amendments are only the first step of the Town’s short-term rental strategy, and are intended to implement Council’s direction in conjunction with a Short-Term Rental Licensing By-law. The May 30 statutory public meeting under the Planning Act, is only for the proposed Zoning By-law amendments. A final zoning By-law amendment will be brought forward to Council for approval at the same time as the Short-Term Rental Licensing By-law.

Next steps

  • A statutory public meeting will be held on May 30, 2022
  • Policies, by-laws and recommended fees will be brought to Council in the summer