Your property taxes help pay for a variety of municipal, regional and education services. Review your property assessment to find out how your property taxes are calculated.

Learn how to manage your property tax billing account so that you can easily change your mailing address or submit a Letter of Authorization.

Please visit the COVID-19 Tax web page for more information about tax relief and deferral programs. 

Online payments

Pay your taxes online directly through online banking with your financial institution. Sign in to your online banking and add the Town of Milton as a payee. Enter your 15-digit roll number, which is located on your property tax bill.

Financial institutions

Pay online at the following financial institutions. 

Financial institutions - online payments
Financial institutionOnline banking payee name
Bank of Montreal Milton Tax
BMO Corp Milton – Taxes
BNC Percep (Scotia) Milton
Canadian Tire Bank Milton – Taxes
CCPEDQ Town of Milton
Central Credit Union Milton, Town - Tax
CIBC Milton Taxes
HSBC Bank Canada Corp of the Town of Milton
Korea Exchange Bank Milton Ontario, Town
Royal Direct Milton Ontario, Town
Tangerine Bank Milton – Taxes
TD Canada Trust Milton Tax
Telescotia Milton (Town) Taxes

Always leave enough time for your payment to process. You will be charged a late penalty if we receive your tax payment after the due date. 

Other payment options

Pay your taxes using one of our payment options. Choose the one that is best for you.

Pre-authorized payment

For your convenience, set up pre-authorized automatic withdrawals from your bank account to pay your taxes. To set up pre-authorized payments, you need to:


The deadlines to enrol for pre-authorized payments are:

  • First business day of May (for the final billing period)
  • First business day of November (for the interim billing period)


You can only sign up for pre-authorized payments if you’ve fully paid all tax installments due prior to the enrolment date.

Change or cancel your payment plan

If you recently sold a property and purchased a new property, be sure to cancel your payment arrangement on the old property. We need to be notified at least 15 business days before your next withdrawal date in order to cancel your program or make changes to your withdrawal account.


Mail your property tax payment by cheque to:

Town of Milton, Tax Division
PO Box 400
Milton, ON L9T 4Z1

Cheques made payable to the Town of Milton can be dated current or post-dated to the corresponding due dates. Make sure to send your payment well in advance of the due date. Late penalties are applied if we don’t receive your payment on time.


The Cashier’s counter at Town Hall will be open from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Friday to accept property tax payments. Please view Town Hall's operating schedule before visiting in-person.

After-hours drop box

You can drop your payment off at Town Hall after hours using our drop boxes. The drop boxes are located at both the Mary St. and King St. entrances. If you’re dropping off a payment after hours, you must pay by cheque.

Financial institution

You can pay your tax bill at any banking or financial institution. Just show them the bill and make your payment.

Mortgage Company 

Make arrangements to pay your property taxes with your mortgage company.

Pay by credit card

You can pay your property taxes by credit card online using third party companies such as Plastiq or Paytm. Make sure to submit your payment well in advance of the due date, because it may take a few days to process the payment.

Credit card payments for property taxes cannot be processed in person. Any third party companies are neither affiliated nor partners of the Town. Visit their website for their terms and conditions, payment processing times or any other inquiries. 

Always leave enough time for your payment to process. You will be charged a late penalty if we receive your tax payment after the due date. 

Late payments

If you’re late paying your taxes, a penalty charge of 1.25 per cent will be added on the first day of default. A further 1.25 per cent interest charge will be applied the first day of each month until we receive the payment. Payments on accounts are applied first towards the outstanding interest and then to the oldest outstanding taxes.

Sale of property for non-payment of taxes

If property taxes remain unpaid for a specific period of time, the Town of Milton is authorized, under the Municipal Act, to sell vacant or improved land in any property class. You’ll receive a Tax Arrears Certificate, which indicates that your property will be sold if all taxes, penalties, interest and costs incurred are not paid within one year of the registration of the certificate.

Milton offers a pre-authorized tax payment program for accounts in arrears. For more information, or to get an Arrears Plan Application form, please send us an email or call us at 905-864-4142.