The Town of Milton is exploring the transition to a zero-emission transit bus system, building on climate change and sustainability work to reduce reliance on fossil fuels.

Part of the Town’s fleet strategy, the Milton Transit Battery Electric Bus Feasibility Study and Transition Plan is now underway. This study will provide a road map for the purchase and implementation of electric buses, as well as charging infrastructure.

Exploring transit electrification represents Milton’s focus on making our community more attractive and competitive. It also aligns with the Town’s declaration of a Climate Emergency in 2019.

The $150,000 project, funded in part by the Infrastructure Canada through the Zero Emissions Transit Fund, will focus on answer important questions, including:

  • How much electrical energy is required to support current and future service routes, schedules, passenger loads?
  • How do we build for the future using the right electric buses and charging infrastructure?
  • What are the steps and timelines to transition to full fleet electrification?
  • How do we evaluate progress and associated environmental benefits?
  • What is the timeline and budget required for the electrification plan?

Council is expected to consider a final report with recommendations later in 2023.