The Town of Milton is building a complete community and investing over $32.2 million in roads, bridges and stormwater infrastructure in 2023. While this investment reflects the 2023 approved budget, there are also projects being completed this year that were approved in previous budget years.

This investment in the community helps us put the right infrastructure in place to meet community needs and make Milton a Place of Possibility. 

What to expect this year

This year, residents can expect road closures and lane restrictions on both main arterial roads and side streets. The Town of Milton extensively coordinates the timing of construction projects with Halton Region and the private sector as much as possible.

2023 projects

The projects listed below are major construction initiatives for 2023, aimed to maintain and develop efficient infrastructure in Milton.

2023 road construction projects

Various locations, across approximately 13km of roads. Locations are typically within the urban area and estate subdivisions.  

Annual asphalt overlay program on various streets throughout Milton. Includes removal and replacement of asphalt, as well as concrete work (curb, gutter, sidewalks), when required.   Notices will be delivered to affected residents prior to construction start.

Anticipated to start in May until fall 2023

*Boston Church Road from Esquesing Line to Lawson

*Arkell Road from Nassagaweya Puslinch Townline to First Line Nassagaweya.

*Kean Hill Drive from Cedar to Second Line Nassagaweya.

Annual program, with 2023 program, Scope of work is focused on asphalt rehabilitation, and implementing a paved shoulder where space permits.  Cross culverts may be replaced if identified during detailed design

Anticipated to start in June and continue until September 2023

Appleby Line – hairpin turn south of Rattlesnake Point (From 80m N of the Entrance to 7145 Appleby to160m S of the Entrance to 7145 Appleby)

Appleby Line PH1-2 Rattlesnake Point-Improvements

Phase1 work related to traffic safety, including improved traffic signage and pavement markings. From Derry Road to Rattlesnake Point

Phase 2 work is limited to the hairpin turn, just south of Rattlesnake Point, and will include a slight widening of the roadway through the turn to accommodate safe passage of passenger vehicles, as well as improvements to the road structure and drainage.

Anticipated to start in Spring with completion to base asphalt Fall, 2023; top works spring 2024
Rehabilitation of Highpoint Drive. from Regional Road 25 to Parkhill Drive.   

Rehabilitation will consist of storm sewer repairs, sidewalk construction, replacement of curb and gutter, subdrains and asphalt surface replacement

Top asphalt works will be woks will be completed in 2024
Anticipated to start in mid- June and with completion to base asphalt in August, 2023 and  top works spring 2024
Main Street Rehabilitation from Drew Centre to Thompson Rd

The Rehabilitation will consist of, but is not limited to storm sewer rehabilitation, full depth asphalt rehabilitation, localized removal and replacement of existing sidewalk, curb and gutter, granular base, sub-drains and other localized improvements as required.

Design started late Fall 2022 and it is scheduled to be completed Spring 2023. Anticipated construction Summer 2023 with completion Fall 2023.
Fifth Line Widening and Reconstruction from south of Main Street East to south of Derry Road  Road widening to four lanes, urbanization (adding curb and gutter) and intersection modifications to the intersections of Fifth Line and Yukon Court, Labrador Avenue and Derry Road.  Multiple road closures will be required to facilitate the work. Construction is expected to start in May 2023 and be complete by Fall 2024.
Bronte Street – Victoria Street to Steeles Avenue  Road reconstruction from Victoria Street to Steeles Avenue, including eliminating the ‘jog’ in the road, urbanization (adding curb and gutter), utility relocations (including burying the hydro lines on the west side of the road) and replacing the bridge over the 16 Mile Creek tributary.  Multiple road closures will be required to facilitate the work. Construction started in 2021 and is expected to be substantially complete by late 2023/early 2024.
Fifth Line Widening and Reconstruction – Highway 401 to south of Main Street East  Joint road reconstruction project with Main Street East.  Limits of work on Fifth Line are from Hwy 401 to just south of Main Street, and include re-alignment and urbanization of Fifth Line.  Construction started in 2021, with anticipated completion in summer 2023.
Main Street East Widening and Reconstruction – James Snow Parkway to Fifth Line Joint road reconstruction project with Fifth Line.  Limits of work on Main Street East are James Snow Parkway to Fifth Line, and includes widening to 4 lanes, urbanization and intersection modifications at Fifth Line.  Construction started in 2021, with anticipated completion in summer 2023.
Louis St. Laurent Avenue from Tremaine Road to Regional Road 25 Boulevard and median works, including localized landscaping improvements.  Design is underway, with anticipated construction start in Summer 2023
Bronte Street South from Louis St. Laurent Avenue to Britannia Road Boulevard works and localized landscaping; including some multi-use path work on the west side of Bronte Street Design is underway, with anticipated construction start in Summer 2023
Jasper Street Rehabilitation of entire roadway, focusing on pavement improvements.  Design is substantially completed, with construction timing TBD, with earliest possible in Summer 2023.
Storm Sewer Rehabilitation Program – Various locations within the Town’s urban area.  

Annual Storm Sewer Rehabilitation program on various streets throughout Milton. Includes CCTV investigation, and storm sewer rehabilitation which may include the removal and replacement various storm sewer components such as maintenance holes, catch basins and storm sewer pipe.  

CCTV investigation anticipated to commence in March and continue through end of summer. Two (2) construction periods are anticipated; May-June, and September-October 2023.  
Campbellville Road – Tremaine to Guelph Line Guiderail replacements Design and construction/replacement both anticipated for completion in 2023, pending any required external agency approvals.
2023 bridge and culvert rehabilitation – Canyon Road, Chisholm Drive, and McNiven Road Biennial program for bridge and culvert rehabilitation works – including concrete patching, guiderail and end-treatment replacements. Design is complete, with construction tender anticipated by the end of April 2023, with construction in late Spring and Summer 2023