Road construction

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Construction projects forecast

Project Description Proposed construction start
Appleby Line (Rattlesnake Point to north of Derry Road) General improvements 2020
Bronte Street (Victoria Street to Steeles Avenue) Reconstruction and urbanization 2020/21
Campbell Avenue - Phase 3 (Canyon Road to Campbellville Road) Reconstruction 2020/21
Campbellville Bridge (Structure 72 to 1.2 km west of Appleby Line) General improvements 2020
Fifth Line (Highway 401 to Derry) Road widening/urbanization 2020/21
First Line Nassagaweya (No. 28 SR to Arkell Road) Expanded asphalt – Rehabilitation 2020
Louis St. Laurent Avenue (Fourth Line to JSP) Road widening to four lanes 2020
Louis St. Laurent Avenue (JSP to Fifth Line) New road construction 2020
Lower Base Line (Fifth Line to Sixth Line) Expanded asphalt – Rehabilitation 2020
Main Street East (JSP to Fifth Line) Reconstruction/four-lane Urbanization 2020
Thompson Road (Britannia Road to Louis St. Laurent Avenue) Road widening and urbanization 2020
Appleby Line (Steeles Avenue to Campbellville Road) Expanded asphalt – Rehabilitation 2021
Elizabeth Street Reconstruction 2021
Jasper Street (entire length) Reconstruction 2021
Second Line Nassagaweya Bridge (Structure 63 to 1.5 km north of No. 10 SR) General improvements 2021
Sixth Line Nassagaweya Culverts (Structures 113 and 118) Culvert replacements 2021
Victoria Street Reconstruction 2021
High Point Drive Reconstruction 2022
No. 25 Side Road Bridge (Structure No. 62 to 0.1 km west of Guelph Line) General improvements 2022
Main Street East (Fifth Line to Sixth Line) New road 2023

Federal gas tax

The federal gas tax fund is money the federal government gives the Association of Municipalities, the City of Toronto and province twice a year to support local infrastructure.

The following road construction projects benefit from federal gas tax funding:

  • 2019 Expanded Asphalt Program
  • First Line Rehabilitation
  • Yates Drive Rehabilitation

 Visit the Association of Municipalities Ontario to learn more about the federal gas tax funding. 

Design and construction process

 The Town is responsible for the design and construction of all municipal roads, bridges and culverts. The process may require two or more years.
  1. Surveying is conducted.
  2. An informal Project Initiation Meeting is held for new projects, with stakeholders, at the start of the design process.
  3. Design work continues, including modifications from initial public feedback.
  4. Public Input - A formal Public Information Centre is held later in the design process to present detailed design(s) to the community, at which time input is also requested.
  5. The final design is presented to Council for approval.
  6. Design projects generally begin in the spring and are completed in the late fall or early winter.
  7. Construction projects are typically tendered in the winter and early spring.
  8. Work generally commences in mid to late spring.
  9. Construction timing, particularly in or near waterways, may be constrained by environmental requirements.
  10. Every effort is made to minimize disruption to abutting properties during construction.

Due to the scope or scale of any individual project, timelines and steps may vary.


 Road construction definitions

Construction type Description
Asphalt overlay The process of replacing existing deteriorated asphalt surfaces with new. It also involves replacing portions of curb and rebuilding catch basins and manholes.
Reconstruction and improvements The process of reconstructing an existing substandard road to current standards.
Reconstruction/replacement The process of completely rebuilding a road. This includes all the underground infrastructure and replacement of the road structure.
Surface treatment Surface treatment is the application of an asphalt based emulsion binder and a granular based wearing surface. The process waterproofs the roadway and eliminates grading and dusting of gravel rural roads.
Urbanization Urbanization is the improvement of a road with ditches to a road with curb and gutter, drained by storm sewers.