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Investing in the Roads to Possibility

The Town of Milton is investing over $29.6 million in roads and bridges in 2021, building a complete community. This investment in the community helps us put the right infrastructure in place to meet community needs and make Milton a Place of Possibility. Maintaining our roads now contributes to the Town’s long-term financial planning.

Construction season in Milton is underway. Crews are out on the roads working to build and maintain critical infrastructure for the community. In alignment with provincial regulations, Town-led construction is essential municipal work to ensure Milton’s infrastructure remains safe, in state of good repair and able to meet the community’s needs now and in the future.

Our Transportation Master Plan leverages existing infrastructure and proactively plans for a balanced, multi-modal transportation network to serve the existing community as well as forecast growth in people and jobs to the year 2031 and beyond. For a copy of the plan, please contact us.

What to expect this year

Milton is at a key point in its evolution. With significant planned growth in the past decade, the municipality must deliver and maintain more infrastructure and hard services to the community. This year, residents can expect road closures and lane restrictions on both main arterial roads and side streets. The Town of Milton extensively coordinates the timing of construction projects with Halton Region and the private sector as much as possible.

Major 2021 projects

The projects listed below are major construction initiatives for 2021, aimed to maintain and develop an efficient transportation network in Milton.

Thompson Road (Louis St. Laurent Avenue to Britannia Road)

  • Construction is underway and is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2021
  • Road widening to four lanes and urbanization
  • Roundabout at Whitlock Avenue and temporary traffic Signals at Logan Drive
  • Bike lanes and multi-use pathways
  • Staged closures of Thompson Road will be required to facilitate the work
  • Project ensures the efficient movement of people and goods, and supports the development of the Boyne Secondary Plan area

Main Street East (James Snow Parkway to Fifth Line) and Fifth Line (Hwy. 401 to Main Street) 

  • Construction is anticipated to start in summer 2021, with completion in late 2022/early 2023
  • Widening of Main Street to four lanes
  • Urbanization and intersection modifications at Main Street and Fifth Line, and the realignment and urbanization of Fifth Line
  • Project will help facilitate efficient movement of people and goods and supports the development of the Derry Green Secondary Plan area
  • Project is partially funded by the Canada Community-Building Fund

Bronte Street (Victoria Street to Steeles Avenue) 

  • Multi-year project, starting with utility relocations in spring 2021 and overall completion of the project is scheduled for late 2023/early 2024
  • Utility relocations, reconstruction of the roadway (including the removal of the jog in the road)
  • Urbanization and replacement of the bridge over the 16 Mile Creek tributary
  • Region of Halton Infrastructure along a portion of Bronte Street
  • Staged road closures to facilitate construction and to minimize the time required to complete the work
  • Project is partially funded by the Canada Community-Building Fund

Victoria Street and Elizabeth Street

  • Work is scheduled to start by the end of June 2021, with completion by the end of 2021
  • Pavement rehabilitation, with isolated storm sewer work, concrete (sidewalk/curb) replacement where necessary
  • Due to the nature of the work, it’s possible that the placement of top asphalt will occur in 2022

Main Street (just east of Commercial) bridge rehabilitation 

  • Minor bridge rehabilitation scheduled for summer 2021
  • Concrete repairs and lane restrictions will be in place during construction
  • Work is required to ensure our critical infrastructure is in a state of good repair and ensures the safe movement of people and goods throughout the Town
  • Project is partially funded by the Canada Community-Building Fund 

Construction in your neighbourhood 

Please bear with us and be patient as we build and maintain a connected and efficient transportation network. Here is information on what you can expect when there is construction in your neighbourhood.

During construction 

During construction, the public is encouraged to plan travel in advance, consider alternate routes, follow signage and be patient while traveling in and around construction areas. The Town’s contractors deliver notices to properties directly impacted by construction.

While contractors are required to keep sites safe and free of any large debris, construction noise and dust will occur. While this can be an inconvenience, the Town strives to work with our contractors to mitigate impacts to residents.

Construction zone safety

Whether travelling by foot, car, bike or mobility device, be cautious around construction zones and areas where people are working on or near the road. We ask that you respect all site barricades and signage and do not enter work sites closed to the public.

When approaching a construction zone:

  • Proceed with caution and obey all warning signs, people and/or devices that are directing traffic through the area
  • When driving, lower speed limits are posted to increase worker safety and reflect increased road hazards, such as construction vehicles in the area, uneven or gravel surfaces, narrowed lanes etc.
  • Drive carefully and adjust your driving to suit the conditions, do not change lanes, be ready for sudden stops and watch for workers and related construction vehicles and equipment on the road
  • If your lane is blocked and no one is directing traffic, yield to the driver coming from the opposite direction and when the way is clear, move slowly and carefully around the obstacle

Be sure to treat people working on roads with respect, and be patient if traffic is delayed due to the construction work taking place.

After completion 

After a project is complete, crew members may return to the site in the weeks following construction to perform cleanup activities and correct any deficiencies (work that was not completed in line with the contract, or work that needs repair) that may have been identified through the final inspection.

All of the Town’s construction contracts have a two year warranty. Inspections take place after and before each winter during this period to identify any work that the contractor may need to fix prior to the warranty expiration. This type of work may include fixing pre-mature cracks in concrete curb, replacing settled sidewalk bays or replacing sod or other landscaping elements.


Check out the construction and road closures planned in Milton this year.

Road closure map 

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Road construction forecast map 

You can also view the map in full screen.

How to use the maps


Click and drag anywhere on the map to see closures and construction projects. Click on a road closure or construction project to view specific information.


Closures and construction projects are displayed as different colours depending on the severity of the closure or type of construction. Current road closures are shown are solid lines and road closures coming up within the next two weeks are shown as dotted lines.

Finding detailed information

Click on the description link to view the full road closure notice or construction project details.

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Annual road programs

Residents can expect these road programs to run in Milton each year. 

Crack sealing program

  • Involves sealing cracks on roads deemed to be in fair to good condition to prevent water from seeping into the road and to further extend life of existing asphalt
  • Usually occurs two to five years before asphalt overlay

Expanded asphalt program 

  • Usually specific to our rural and industrial roads
  • Completed within the existing Town’s right of way and includes adding a one-metre paved shoulder when feasible, as well as minor/localized ditching and culvert replacement
  • Exact method of rehabilitation is determined through geotechnical work completed during the design phase of the project

Asphalt overlay 

  • Program takes place from May to fall
  • Road asphalt overlay and localized curb and sidewalk replacement
  • Full listing of roads in this year’s asphalt overlay program can be found in the road construction map and if your road is included, you will receive a notice directly
  • Residents may need to park temporarily on side streets when certain construction activities are being performed

Construction forecast

Explore the road construction and structure construction projects that are on the horizon for Milton. 

Road construction projects forecast

Table listing of forecasted road construction projects.
  • Annual asphalt Overlay program on various streets throughout Milton
  • Locations are typically within the urban area and estate subdivisions
Annual program, with construction typically starting in May and running through to the fall
• Annual expanded asphalt program on various roads
• Locations are typically within the rural area or industrial/commercial areas
Annual program, with construction typically starting in June or July and running through to the fall 
Appleby Line  Work in this phase is limited to the hairpin turn, just south of Rattlesnake Point, and will include a slight widening of the roadway through the turn to accommodate safe passage of passenger vehicles, as well as improvements to the road structure and drainage.  Construction anticipated to start spring 2022, with completion in 2023
Bronte Street North  Road reconstruction from Victoria Street to Steeles Avenue, including eliminating the jog in the road, urbanization (adding curb and gutter), utility relocations (including burying the hydro lines on the west side of the road) and replacing the bridge over the 16 Mile Creek tributary.  Road closures will be required to facilitate the work, and notices will be shared with the community. Construction starts summer 2021, with completion in late 2023 or early 2024 
Campbell Avenue  Road reconstruction from Canyon Rod to Campbellville Road, including a roundabout at Campbellville Road. Construction starts summer 2021, with completion in late 2021 or early 2022; top asphalt may occur in 2022 
Commercial Street  Top asphalt placement from Main Street to Sydney Street.  Summer 2021 completion 
Elizabeth Street 
• Joint road rehabilitation project with Victoria Street (pavement, storm sewers, some concrete work).
• Work is from Main Street to the end of Elizabeth Street
Anticipated to start construction summer 2021, with completion late 2021; top asphalt may occur in 2022 
Victoria Street 
• Joint road rehabilitation project with Elizabeth Street (pavement, storm sewers, come concrete work) 
• Work is from Bronte Street to James Street
Anticipated to start construction summer 2021, with completion late 2021; top asphalt may occur in 2022 
Louis St. Laurent Avenue  Top asphalt placement from Vickerman Way to James Snow Parkway.

Summer 2021 completion

Louis St. Laurent Avenue 
• New construction of a four-lane road with a 35m right-of-way, including active transportation facilities (for pedestrians and cyclists)
• Work is from James Snow Parkway to Fifth Line.  
• Work is being completed by Oxford Property Group (developer)

Anticipated to start construction summer 2021, with completion by summer 2022

Fifth Line
• Joint road reconstruction project with Main Street East
• Work is from Hwy 401 to just south of Main Street, and include re-alignment and urbanization

Anticipated to start construction summer 2021, with completion late 2022 or early 2023

Main Street East
• Joint road reconstruction project with Fifth Line
• Work is from James Snow Parkway to Fifth Line, and includes widening to four lanes, urbanization and intersection modifications at Fifth Line

Anticipated to start construction summer 2021, with completion late 2022 or early 2023

Thompson Road
• Widening (35m right-of-way, four lane urban cross section) from Louis St. Laurent Avenue to Britannia Road, including a roundabout at Whitlock Avenue and traffic signals at Logan Drive
• Road closures are required to facilitate the construction and notices will be shared with the community

Construction starts March 2021, with completion by the end of 2021

Main Street West
• Top asphalt placement from Scott Boulevard to Bronte Street, including right turn lane at Bronte Street, and continuation of multi-use pathway on north side of Main Street

Anticipated construction starts in fall 2021 with completion by end of 2021

Jasper Street
Rehabilitation of entire length of Jasper Street, focusing on pavement improvements.
Anticipated construction summer 2021 or summer 2022 – pending school-related work to be completed 
Nipissing Road  Urbanization and reconstruction from Childs Drive to Thompson Road, as part of Metrolinx project. Anticipated construction late 2021 or spring 2022 
Stormwater management pond rehabilitation  Various minor works at Town-owned stormwater management facilities – including concrete repair, debris removal and sediment depth surveys to inform future cleanout projects.  Design and construction anticipated in 2021, pending permit approvals (construction may continue to 2022) 
Mill Pond Repair of certain elements of the Mill Pond – concrete repair at inlet, erosion and grading improvements and removal of debris. Design in 2021 with construction timing dependent on permit requirements 
Appleby Line Localized pavement, signage and drainage improvements on from south of the hairpin turn to Derry Road. Design in 2021 with construction anticipated in 2023-24
Highpoint Drive Rehabilitation from Regional Road 25 to Parkhill Drive. Design in 2022 with construction in 2023
Bronte Street South Boulevard and landscaping works from Louis St. Laurent Avenue to Britannia Road. Design in 2022 with construction in 2023
Louis St. Laurent Boulevard Boulevard and landscaping works from Tremaine Road to Regional Road 25. Design in 2022 with construction in 2023
Fifth Line Widening to four lanes and urbanization from Main Street to Derry Road. Design is ongoing with construction anticipated to start late 2022 or early 2023
Fifth Line Widening to four lanes and urbanization of Fifth Line from Derry Road to Britannia Road.  Design in 2023 with construction 2024-25 
Thompson Road  Localized pathway work on the west side of Thompson Road, between Derry Road and Louis St. Laurent Boulevard.  Anticipated design in 2023 with construction in 2024 
Mill Pond 
Clean out dredging of Mill Pond.
Design work and associated permitting to take place in 2021-22, with construction anticipated in 2023 
Main Street  • New road construction of Main Street extension from Fifth Line to Sixth Line
• Requires a Schedule C Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (MCEA)
MCEA work anticipated to start in 2023, with detailed design to follow 2024-25, and construction anticipated for 2026-27 

Structure construction projects forecast 

Table listing of forecasted structure construction projects.
Main Street, just east of Commercial Street Rehabilitation of Main Street Bridge (structure 43), including concrete repairs. Construction starts July 2021
Mill Street, at and just west of intersection at Martin Street and Mill Street  Rehabilitation of Mill/Martin Street Bridge (structure 42), including concrete repairs.  Construction starts July 2021 
Sixth Line Nassagaweya  Replacement of culverts 113 and 118 on Sixth Line Nassagaweya, between Pineridge Drive and Highway 7. Construction in summer 2021 
Second Line Nassagaweya  Minor rehabilitation of Structure 63. Design in 2020/21, with construction in 2022 
Boyne active transportation link  Construction of a bridge across the CN tracks, approximately 300m south of Louis St. Laurent Avenue. Municipal Class Environmental Assessment work to be completed in 2021, followed by detailed design 2021/22 and construction anticipated in 2022/23. 
Kelso Road  Replacement of Structure 74.  Design in 2021/22 with construction anticipated in 2023 
25 Side Road  Minor rehabilitation of Structure 62. 

Design in 2022/23 with construction anticipated in 2024 

Design and construction

Learn about the process, environmental assessments and funding that support local road construction projects.

Graphic about road construction process with icons

Process details

The Town is responsible for the design and construction of all municipal roads, bridges and culverts. The process may require two or more years.
  1. Surveying is conducted
  2. An informal Project Initiation Meeting is held for new projects, with stakeholders, at the start of the design process
  3. Design work continues, including modifications from initial public feedback
  4. Public Input - A formal Public Information Centre is held later in the design process to present detailed design(s) to the community, at which time input is also requested
  5. The final design is presented to Council for approval
  6. Design projects generally begin in the spring and are completed in the late fall or early winter
  7. Construction projects are typically tendered in the winter and early spring
  8. Work generally commences in mid to late spring
  9. Construction timing, particularly in or near waterways, may be constrained by environmental requirements
  10. Every effort is made to minimize disruption to abutting properties during construction

Due to the scope or scale of any individual project, timelines and steps may vary. For example, not all projects will include a Project Initiation Meeting or Public Information Centre.

Environmental assessments

The Town currently has one ongoing Schedule C Municipal Class Environmental Assessment, the Boyne Active Transportation Link.  

An environmental assessment first step in all of our capital road projects. The project schedule (or type) according to the Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (MCEA) process is determined.

The MCEA has five phases:

  1. Identify the problem or opportunity
  2. Identify alternative solutions and evaluate them
  3. Prepare and evaluate alternative design concepts for the preferred solution
  4. Prepare an environmental study report
  5. Implementation (complete detailed design and ultimately proceed to construction)


The Canada Community-Building Fund is money the federal government gives to municipalities twice a year to support local infrastructure.

Local road construction projects partly funded by the Canada Community-Building Fund include:

  • Bridge and culvert rehabilitation
  • Expanded asphalt
  • Asphalt overlay
  • Bronte Street (Main Street to Steeles Avenue) development
  • Fifth Line urbanization
  • Campbell Avenue (east of Guelph Line) reconstruction

 Visit the Association of Municipalities Ontario to learn more about Canada Community-Building funding. 

Road construction definitions

Asphalt overlay 

The process of replacing existing deteriorated asphalt surfaces with new. It also involves replacing portions of curb and rebuilding catch basins and manholes.

Expanded asphalt

Rehabilitation (usually limited to rural or industrial roads) of the road structure, which may include removal of asphalt, pulverizing of asphalt and granular material, and repaving with new asphalt, or utilizing asphalt recycling methods, depending on the particular road.  Also includes the installation of paved shoulders where feasible, and minor/localized ditch work and cross culvert replacements or repair.

Reconstruction and improvements 

The process of reconstructing an existing substandard road to current standards.


The process of completely rebuilding a road. This includes all the underground infrastructure and replacement of the road structure.

Surface treatment 

Surface treatment is the application of an asphalt based emulsion binder and a granular based wearing surface. The process waterproofs the roadway and eliminates grading and dusting of gravel rural roads.


Urbanization is the improvement of a road with ditches to a road with curb and gutter, drained by storm sewers.