Emergencies can happen at any time and your best defence is to be prepared. Create an emergency plan, follow emergency alert systems and keep your family safe.

Prepare for emergencies

You can take three simple steps to prepare for emergencies:

1. Know the risks

Our region is vulnerable to a variety of natural, technological and human-caused hazards. Make sure you and your family know what the hazards and risks are in the area you live. 

2. Make a plan

It is important that you and your family know what to do if an emergency of any size happens, especially if you are not together.

3. Get an emergency kit

An emergency kit can ensure that you and your family will be self-sufficient for at least 72-hours.

Emergency Preparedness Guide

To prepare yourself and your family for an emergency, we recommend you review Halton Region’s Emergency Preparedness Guide. This guide will teach you to identify emergency risks, create an emergency plan and build an emergency kit.

Pre-fire planning

Planning ahead can make a huge difference in the outcome of a fire. An effective pre-fire plan involves both the fire department and you – the owner and occupant of a building. Complete the pre-fire planning questionnaire. We will follow up with you for additional information and may schedule a tour of your facility and property.

Emergency alerts

Check out these resources for regular updates and vital information to keep you and your family safe during an emergency.

Wireless alert system

A wireless emergency alert system sends an alert directly to your cell phone for all life-threatening emergencies. Check to see if your phone is compatible with Wireless Public Alerting

Health alerts

For more information about health-related emergencies, such as a disease or epidemic, view:

Transportation alerts

For information about emergency road conditions in the area, visit the Ministry of Transportation.

Weather and flood alerts

Natural disasters such as flooding, tornadoes and serious storms, will be reported by:

Power outages

Follow Milton Hydro to learn about power outages in the area.

Emergency spills

If you’re concerned about a hazardous spill, you can get information and updates from the Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Parks.

Milton’s emergency response plan

If the Mayor declares a natural or man-made state of emergency, all Milton staff will follow the Milton Emergency Response Plan for a coordinated response. We will work with a number of agencies, including the police and fire department, during an emergency to ensure the safety of residents, businesses and visitors.