Accessibility is important for everyone. We have implemented a variety of services and features to help remove barriers and make Milton Transit accessible. Milton Transit fully supports and endorses the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act.


Milton Transit is proud to support MagnusCards, a free app for people living with autism. MagnusCards combines structured, step-by-step guidance with game design to help teach a variety of life skills through free downloadable decks of cards.

As part of our support, Milton Transit has funded unique card decks that will help you feel supported and empowered to use our transit system. These cards will help you navigate tasks, such as riding the bus, paying a fare, planning a trip and transferring buses.

Milton access+

We understand that some individuals may not be able to access Milton’s conventional transit routes. Our Milton access+ program is available to individuals with disabilities. Learn how to apply to the program.

Accessible policies

Milton Transit works to create an accessible environment for all passengers through our policies. We offer priority seating on all transit vehicles and allow you to ride with a service animal.

Accessibility features

All Milton Transit buses are fully accessible for persons with disabilities and mobility devices. Review our Triplinx Trip Planner to map out your route. Explore our accessible transit features.

Bus stop signs

All Milton Transit bus stop signs feature clear, large icons and fonts showcasing the stop number and accessible stop information. Featuring a branded regional identifier (the capital "T" at the top for transit), the signs are double sided, printed on reflective material with high contrast colours to help with visibility—even at night.