On Nov. 13, 2023, The Town of Milton updated Fireworks By-law 088-2023 to prohibit the selling, distribution and discharging of consumer fireworks.  Display fireworks are permitted provided they meet the requirements outlined in the by-law.

Selling fireworks in Milton

Due the potential safety risks involved, the sale and distribution of consumer fireworks is strictly prohibited in the Town of Milton. Retailers and vendors selling consumer fireworks could be subject to a fine as per the Provincial Offences Act.

Discharging fireworks in Milton

Discharging consumer fireworks in Milton is not allowed.  However, the Town does allow opportunities for community groups, organizations and individuals to participate in public display fireworks as long as the bylaw requirements are met, a Display Permit is issued by Milton Fire & Rescue Services, and the fireworks are discharged by a display supervisor.

Display fireworks discharge permit

If you are planning a public fireworks exhibition, you need to complete the online Public Display Fireworks Discharge Permit Application. Along with the application form, you’ll need to provide proof of comprehensive general liability insurance ($5 million).

Fireworks By-law FAQ

When was the consumer fireworks ban enacted?

Fireworks By-law 088-2023 took effect on Nov. 13, 2023 following Town Council approval. 

Why was the consumer fireworks ban enacted?

Consumer fireworks are powerful pyrotechnic devices that have the potential to cause injury, noise disturbances and property damage. 

There are few properties in Milton that meet the minimum clearances requirements to safely discharge fireworks. 

Prior to the new by-law being enacted, the majority of consumer fireworks being discharged in Milton were in violation of the clearance requirements, leading to a greater risk of injury, property damage and emergency response.

Are consumer fireworks allowed to be sold within the Town of Milton?

Fireworks By-law 088-2023 prohibits the sale, distribution and discharge of consumer fireworks in the Town of Milton.

How do I report a resident who is not following the ban?

You can report a concern about violations listed under the Fireworks By-law.

I want to celebrate a culturally significant holiday with fireworks.  How can this be done?

Public display fireworks are permitted in Milton as long as they meet the requirements outlined in the Fireworks By-law 088-2023 including:

  • Obtaining a Display Permit issued by the Milton Fire & Rescue Services Fire Chief
  • Fireworks to be discharged by a licensed Display Supervisor
  • Provide proof of comprehensive general liability insurance ($5 million)

Contact Milton Fire & Rescue Services to better understand the display firework process.