Do you want to celebrate a major holiday with backyard fireworks? Review our Fireworks By-law to learn the guidelines around selling, storing, handling and setting off fireworks in Milton.

Setting off fireworks

You will need a permit to set off fireworks in Milton. Review the permit types and application requirements.

Consumer (family) firework permit

Fill out the online Consumer Fireworks Discharge Permit Application. You must submit the firework permit application at least seven days before your event. You are not required to get a permit to use sparklers.

If you don’t own your property, you must get written permission from the owner in order to set off fireworks. Ask the property owner to complete the Property Owner’s Permission to Discharge Consumer Fireworks form and submit it by email.

Dates you can set off fireworks

You can only set off fireworks on Victoria Day, Canada Day or Diwali or two days before these dates.

Permit fee

We don’t charge a permit fee on Victoria Day, Canada Day or Diwali or two days prior to these holidays. 

Public exhibition firework permit

If you are planning a public fireworks exhibition, you need to complete the online Public Exhibition Fireworks Discharge Permit Application. Along with the application form, you’ll need:

  • Proof of commercial general liability insurance
  • A site plan of the discharge location
  • A permit payment 
General liability insurance must cover a minimum of five million dollars and the name of the applicant as well as the Town of Milton need to be listed as insured.

Report a concern 

You can report a concern about violations listed under the Fireworks By-law by completing our online form.

Get a permit to sell fireworks

You need a permit to sell consumer fireworks in Milton. Fill out the Consumer Fireworks Sales Permit application and submit it to the Chief Fire Official by email.

We’ll inspect the retail site to ensure you are complying with all building, zoning, Fire Code and Federal Explosives Act requirements. Review our Consumer Fireworks Vendor Guide for more information.

Dates you can sell fireworks

You can only sell consumer fireworks on:

  • Victoria Day and the days leading up to Victoria Day
  • Canada Day and the days leading up to Canada Day
  • Diwali

Fireworks safety

Watch our fireworks safety video to learn more about how to keep your family and community safe when using fireworks.

Create a safe environment

Prior to setting off fireworks, it’s important to create a safe environment. Make sure you:

  • Choose an open area away from buildings, vehicles, overhead obstructions and dry brush or grass
  • Have a working fire extinguisher ready and accessible at all times
  • Find a hard, flat and level ground surface
  • Keep all spectators at least 20 metres away from the fireworks

When you are discharging the fireworks, make sure you:

  • Read the instructions, cautions and warnings on each consumer firework
  • Only light one firework at a time
  • Wear proper eye protection and protective clothing
  • Keep children away from the area
  • Use care when handling and firing consumer fireworks
  • Clean up the area after the display

For more information about firework safety view the: