The Town of Milton is excited to collaborate with Milton-based MTB Transit Solutions on Canada’s first conversion of a mid-life diesel bus to electric battery power.

Pilot project overview

The Milton Transit pilot project explores the innovative concept that diesel-to-electric conversion offers transit agencies a speedy, affordable path to electrification.

The pilot will help Milton Transit explore this route to an electric bus fleet, by providing useful details on charging, maintenance, performance, cost, servicing and mitigating reliance on fossil fuels.

With transportation representing one quarter of Canada’s greenhouse gas emissions, the project supports Milton’s goals of sustainability and addressing climate change.

For riders, the electric bus will be more comfortable due to reduced noise and vibration; it will also eliminate any tailpipe emissions.

Each Milton Transit bus averages about 72,000 km a year; this conversion will potentially save about 51,260 kg of diesel emissions over six years.

The bus is expected to hit the road in early 2024.


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