If you’ve experience damage to your property or livestock, you may be eligible to file a claim with the Town of Milton. Learn what to do and how to respond if you experience:

Regardless of the type of damage, you should always reach out to your insurance provider before making a claim through Milton.

Report a pothole

You can report a pothole online or call 905-878-7252 x2500. Please provide the exact location of the pothole. We will inspect the hazard and take action if needed.

Damage to vehicles

Damage to vehicles from driving over potholes isn’t usually reimbursable by Milton. Drivers should be aware of the potential for potholes and road construction hazards.

If you damage your vehicle from a pothole, you should:

  • Contact a licensed motor vehicle mechanic
  • Stop operating your vehicle if it isn’t working properly
  • Contact your insurance provider

If you damage your vehicle from road construction, and it is the fault of the Town of Milton, you can make a property damage claim.