The Town of Milton is responsible for issuing a wide variety of licences and permits. Whether you are looking to get married, build or renovate your home, apply for a dog licence, or start a new business, we can help. 

Building Permits

If you’re renovating your home, putting in a pool or adding a fence to your property, you will need to apply for a building permit. Learn how to get a building permit and get started on your next home renovation project.

Burn permits

You need to apply for a burn permit if you are having an outdoor fire in Milton. This includes all backyard fires, bonfires and brush fires. 

Business licences and permits

If you are opening a business in Milton, you may require a business licence. Some businesses, such as limousine and taxi companies require additional licences. Review Milton’s business licences and permits


Find out what you need to know in order to legally purchase and smoke cannabis in the Town of Milton. Review the federal, provincial, and municipal regulations to stay informed.

Development applications

Are you a developer looking to purchase and develop a plot of land in Milton? You'll need to review our development applications to find out all of the development requirements. 

Dog licences

If you have a dog and live in the Town of Milton, you need to get a dog licence. Dog licences help keep your pet safe in case they get lost or go missing.

Marriage licences

Before you tie-the-knot, you need to get a marriage licence. Check one more thing off your wedding to-do list and book an appointment with Legal and Legislative Services

Property Claims

Has your property been damaged? The first thing you should do is a file a property claim with your insurance provider. In some cases, you may be able to file a property claim with the Town of Milton. Review our eligibility requirements.

Roadway permits

We issue a variety of roadway permits, including street party permits, road occupancy permits and heavy load permits. Find out what roadway permit you need.


View the firearm by-law map to learn more about firearm regulations in Milton.