If you’ve incurred costs due to property damage that you believe the Town of Milton is responsible for, you can file a damage claim.

Contact your insurance provider

We suggest that in all cases of property damage, you contact your insurance company or broker. Depending on the type of damage and your insurance policy, you may be eligible for greater compensation through your insurance than through Milton.

If your insurer believes that the Town of Milton is responsible for the damage, they will seek compensation on your behalf as stipulated in your insurance policy.

Document the damage

We recommend that you document all damages. This includes:

  • Making a list of all damaged items and property
  • Recording the date, time and location the damage took place
  • Taking photographs of the damage

Make a damage claim

To make a property damage claim to the Town of Milton, you need to complete the online Accident Report form. Our risk management staff will contact you within 10 business days of receiving the claim. We will begin the investigation into the complaint as soon as we receive your claim and will provide an initial response within three weeks.


Milton is not responsible for any property damage costs unless you can provide evidence that the Town of Milton committed a negligent act or omission that directly resulted in injury or damage. We only provide compensation if Milton is legally liable for the damages.