We encourage residents to ride Milton Transit when getting around and traveling throughout the Greater Toronto Area. Make sure to always check our schedules and maps when planning your next trip.

Arriving at the bus stops

To avoid missing your bus, be at your bus stop 2-5 minutes before your buses scheduled arrival time Bus stops are marked with a white sign displaying the international bus symbol and the Milton Transit green swoosh and logo. Some bus stops also have schedule information available for that stop.

Boarding the bus

All buses display a route name, number and destination above the front windshield and on top of the side window, next to the front doors. Check this information before boarding to make sure you’re getting on the right bus. Let the operator know if you need assistance getting onboard, or require the bus to be lowered or its ramp to be deployed.

Pay and request a transfer

Make sure you have your fare ready and all your belongings with you. When you get on the bus, show your bus pass, ticket, or pay the exact fare. If you need to transfer to a different bus route, ask the operator to give you a transfer and request the connecting bus to hold.

Exiting the bus

Immediately after the bus passes the stop prior to your intended stop location, you must signal your stop request. You can request a stop in one of three ways:

  • Pulling down the yellow cord located around the window
  • Pressing the Stop Request button on the yellow grab bars
  • Pressing the yellow strip along the bottom of the seat (if located in a mobility device securement area)

The interior sign at the front of the bus will illuminate to signal your stop request with an audible chime. The operator will also announce the stop as the bus approaches. Any stop request made in the mobility device securement areas will activate an audible double chime.