Pre-authorized payment program

For your convenience, set up pre-authorized automatic withdrawals from your bank account to pay your taxes. To set up pre-authorized payments, you need to:

The deadline to enroll for the monthly and semi-monthly pre-authorized payment programs are:

  • On or before May 1 - Withdrawals begin in June (for the final billing period)
  • On or before October 15 - Withdrawals begin in November (for the interim billing period)

The deadline to enroll for the quarterly installment pre-authorized payment program is:

  • By the 15th of the due date month, in which enrollment begins (February, April, June, or September)


You can only sign up for pre-authorized payments if you’ve fully paid all tax installments due prior to the enrolment date.

Change your banking information

If you are currently enrolled in the pre-authorized payment program and would like to change your banking information, complete the Banking Information Change Form.

We need to be notified at least 15 business days before your next withdrawal date, in order to make changes to your withdrawal account.

Cancel your pre-authorized payment plan

To cancel your pre-authorized payment plan, please complete the Cancellation Form

The pre-authorized payment plan cancellation form must be submitted 15 business days prior to your next scheduled withdrawal, in order to cancel future withdrawals.  

Failure to notify the Town of cancellation from the program could result in further withdrawals and would require a readjustment by your lawyer.

If you move within Milton, the pre-authorized payment program is not transferable. The program must be cancelled on the previous property and a new application must be completed for the new property according to the enrollment deadlines indicated within the terms and conditions of this program.