Terms and conditions

The Town of Milton [herein referred to as the Town] offers a wide variety of programs and services to encourage a healthy lifestyle and personal wellness. Through the participation in these opportunities, customers are to be aware of the following expectations and administrative guidelines.

General requirements 

  1. Participants acknowledge that part of the risk associated with participating in a program is relative to one’s own state of fitness and health including the awareness, care, and skill with which they conduct themselves when undertaking activities in a program. It is recommended that the participant’s physician be consulted prior to the start of any physical activity.
  2. The Town reserves the right to cancel or alter any program information without notice due to (but not limited to) registration numbers, change of policy, or availability of instructors/facilities.
  3. Applicable exclusion dates that occur during a registered program (holidays, facility tournaments/events, etc.) have been identified in the program details.
  4. Town facilities are not supervised at all times and as such, the use of these facilities is done so at the participant’s own risk.
  5. A parent/guardian/caregiver must accompany children under ten (10) years of age to the program area for drop-off and pick-up, at the designated program start and end times.
  6. Parents/guardians/caregivers of children under ten (10) years of age participating in a Town program/service will remain responsible for supervising the child outside of the direct program area (inclusion programs, care programs, and those programs in excess of two (2) consecutive hours excluded unless otherwise stated).
  7. Participants are required to comply with all applicable provincial orders and directives, guidelines of public health authorities for the Province of Ontario and Halton Region Public Health.
  8. Participants having open cuts/abrasions/open sores, infections, or illnesses are not to participate in Town programs/services or use Town facilities until such conditions have resolved and recovery has been achieved.
  9. Participants having physical impairments that could be aggravated by the participation in Town programs/services or the use of Town facilities should refrain from participating.
  10. To ensure the privacy of others, filming or photography is not permitted during registered programs and/or drop-in programming without the consent of the subjects.
  11. All account holders/clients are required to ensure personal details associated with an account, including a family account, are accurate and can be validated where proof is requested.
  12. The Town is committed to providing a safe and harassment-free environment. All participants, and accompanying parents/guardians, as applicable, are expected to act in ways that demonstrate kindness, respect, inclusivity, and safety. Coarse language, physical, aggressive, disrespectful, or uncooperative behaviour will not be tolerated. Participants, and accompanying parents/guardians, engaging in such behaviour will be required to leave the program/facility and may be precluded from future participation.

Registered and drop-in programs


  • Non-residents will be charged an additional 10 per cent fee per program per person
  • Cheque payments resulting in NSF (non-sufficient funds) will be subject to an administrative fee
  • Dishonoured/missed payments may result in the participant being withdrawn from the registered program; any outstanding balance will be invoiced with applicable interest charges

Withdrawals and refunds

Withdrawals and refunds
Withdrawal timingConditions
All programs seven days or more before the start date
  • Not subject to a cancellation fee
All programs (excluding camp-related programs) within seven days of the start date or after the start date of any program
  • Withdrawal will be processed as of the date the request is received (unless any classes have already occurred)
  • Refunds to original form of payment are subject to a cancellation fee 
  • Refunds applied as an account credit are not subject to a cancellation fee
  • Refunds will not be provided after the third class
  • Transfer requests received after the third class may be possible at the Program Coordinator's discretion
Camp-related programs within seven days of the start date or after the start date
  • Refund requests will not be considered
  • Make-up classes and/or refunds will not be granted for sessions that are not attended
  • Processing time for refunds can take up to four (4) weeks
  • Refunds for less than $30 will be applied as an account credit and remain available for a period of up to one (1) year from the date of processing
  • Participants that need to withdraw from a registered program must complete a Refund/Amendment Form available online or at Community Centre Registration Desks

Financial assistance

  • Subsidy funding cannot be applied to past registrations
  • Town administration fees cannot be covered by these programs and must be paid at time of transaction
  • Withdrawals done outside of the year of registration will result in the loss of subsidy funds used in the transaction

Virtual programming

Virtual programming requirements

Programs, activities, and services facilitated by the Town in an online format with virtual participants are referred to as virtual programs. By choosing to participate and agreeing to the additional terms and conditions contained herein, the participant and/or their parent/guardian/caregiver assumes the risk of participating in a virtual program. Additionally, participants are responsible for providing all hardware and software technology or devices capable of audio and video conferencing in accordance with requirements contained on the Town’s website or program description. 

Virtual program participants will:

  1. Acknowledge and agree that the Town will utilize third-party video conferencing software platforms to communicate and conduct virtual programs and that they accept the security limitations of the software platform being used.
  2. Acknowledge and accept that the Town cannot provide hardware or software support for any computers, internet, or other software used by a participant to participate in a virtual program. It is the participant’s responsibility to ensure that all required computer hardware, software and/or internet connections required to participate in a virtual program are installed and working prior to the program commencing.
  3. Acknowledge and accept that some virtual programming will require the participant’s audio/video functions to be turned off through the session.
  4. Use a space with a neutral background where details of the location and other individuals does not appear on camera.
  5. Wear appropriate attire (e.g. active wear) and footwear (e.g. shoes versus socks) that is conducive to the program and that is appropriate for online video sessions, if applicable.
  6. Use personal equipment or common household supplies (where the Town has not provided program materials) that are safe and in good working condition, exercising care and due diligence in its use.
  7. Stop participating and take frequent breaks if they experience any pain, discomfort, dizziness, fatigue or they feel uncomfortable continuing.
  8. Acknowledge and agree that they will be participating in a program involving live sounds and visuals and that the Town will take commercially reasonable efforts to ensure that appropriate language and visuals are used during the broadcast.
  9. Agree that by participating in virtual programming, their likeness and image may be captured and streamed through live audio and video feeds to other program participants or for the purpose of recording for quality purposes.  Personal screen shots or recording of visual and/or audio feeds including images is strictly prohibited.
  10. Not share their private login information with others.
  11. Use the video-conferencing platform instant messaging application only if technical assistance is required.
  12. Acknowledge and accept that the Town reserves the right to disqualify or disconnect any participant in violation of the Participant Code of Behaviour and that they will not be entitled to a make-up class or refund.
  13. Ensure that another individual (an adult) is aware of their participation, that a phone is within arm’s reach in the event assistance is required, and will contact 9-1-1, if applicable.
  14. Provide an adequate and safe space that is appropriate to perform the activities as outlined in the program description (e.g. free from obstacles, risk of spills, etc.).
  15. Acknowledge and accept that given the nature of the virtual programming, the Town is unable to provide assistance in the event of an emergency and the participant assumes all risks associated with participation in virtual programming.
  16. The Town will not accept liability for property damage or injuries sustained from participation in virtual programming.

Release and indemnification

In consideration of being permitted to participate in Town programs/activities which may include drop in programs, workshops, or virtual programming I, for myself and/or my child(ren), if applicable, hereby agree:

  • That I have read and understood these Terms and Conditions as well as the Release and Indemnification provisions contained herein.
  • To certify, represent, and assume full responsibility for any and all actions of all clients associated with my account, including a family account;
  • Participation is voluntary and it is my responsibility to consult a physician prior to any physical activity;
  • To assume full responsibility for any risks, damages or injuries, including death, known or unknown, which I and/or my child(ren), if applicable, might incur as a result of participation;
  • To warrant and represent that I, and/or my child(ren), if applicable, am in appropriate physical condition and have no disability or impairment which would prevent participation, or that will be detrimental or injurious to my and/or, if applicable, my child(ren)’s, health, safety and physical condition or that of others;
  • To certify and represent that I have legal authority to authorize medical care and consent for myself and/or my child(ren), if applicable;
  • To authorize the Town to provide such medical care to me and/or my child(ren), if applicable, as the Town may deem necessary in the event of injury or otherwise, and I agree to pay for all expenses incurred by the Town in the provision of such medical care;
  • To hereby waive, release and discharge The Corporation of the Town of Milton as well as anyone employed or volunteering with that entity, individually or otherwise, from any and all claims of liability for personal/bodily injury, illness, loss of life or property damage of any kind or nature, arising out of or sustained in the course of my participation in programs/activities or use of facilities; and in the course of participation in programs/activities or use of facilities by any person(s) associated with my account, including a family account;
  • To indemnify, defend and hold harmless The Corporation of the Town of Milton from any and all liability, loss, claims, demands, costs and expenses, including reasonable legal fees, due to any personal injury or property damage to any third party arising from my participation in programs/activities or use of facilities and arising from the participation in programs/activities or use of facilities by any person(s) associated with my account, including a family account.