As part of the Town's strategic planning, a series of service area master plans. These plans take an in-depth look at our municipal services, evaluate service delivery and identify future needs

Fire Services Master Plan

The Fire Master Plan is a strategic planning framework for fire protection services within the municipality, generally for a five or ten year timeframe. The process provides a wide-ranging review of existing services in comparison with legislative requirements, industry guidelines and industry best practices in balancing with local needs and circumstances. 

Information Technology Master Plan

The Information Technology Master Plan provides recommendations for providing more services to citizens through social media and technology. It also identifies ways to transform the business operations of the municipality with new technologies. This includes:

  • Social media training
  • Enhancing online services for residents
  • Enabling staff to work and perform their job anywhere and anytime
  • Help make staff more efficient by making information more accessible and easy to retrieve
  • Updating manual and paper-based process using digital technologies

Library Services Master Plan

Visit the Milton Public Library for information about the Library Services Master Plan.

Community Services Master Plan

The Community Services Master Plan is being updated to address the current and future recreational needs of the community. View the Community Services Master Plan Update and supporting documentation:

Economic Development Strategy

The Economic Development Strategy includes strategies to facilitate the economic growth of existing businesses as well as provide resources to organizations wishing to locate in Milton. Some of these strategies include:

  • Managing employment lands for the long term, targeting higher employment density employers
  • Focusing on future business retention, expansion and attraction initiatives
  • Securing the role of the Milton’s downtown as a distinct employment centre
  • Sustaining the rural/agricultural and tourism sectors
  • Refreshing the Town’s marketing and communications materials and messages

Transit Master Plan 

The Milton Transit Master Plan includes a comprehensive review current transit services, consultations with residents and the creation of a new transit strategy with the goal of creating a complete community.