COVID-19 UPDATE:  The Town of Milton has joined the Region of Halton and the Province of Ontario and has issued a State of Emergency Order. This Order affects the Planning Act  by suspending timelines with respect to development applications 

Please contact the Committee Secretary to discuss how to make a minor variance and/or consent application while the Order is in effect. 


If your project requires a small change to Milton’s Zoning By-laws, you can apply for a minor variance.


Applying for a minor variance

Before you submit  your application, it is strongly recommended that your consult with staff to discuss the merits of your proposal, confirm variances that may be required and identify any documentation needed in support of the application. 

You must complete an Application for a Minor Variance before the Committee of Adjustment and Consent can accept your application. Make sure to include all fees when you apply. Please see our Minor Variance Application Guidelines for application fees and more information.

After we receive agency and public comments regarding your application, we hold a public hearing where a decision is made. You can appeal a decision after the hearing.

For the Committee of Adjustment and Consent to approve your application, it must:

Applying for consent

You must send us a completed Application for Consent before severing a new lot from an existing lot, adding land to an existing lot, easements, mortgages or leases in excess of 21 years. Please see our Consent Guidelines for application fees and more information. 

When is rezoning required?

If you’re requesting a major change to a by-law standard or a use that is not permitted, applying for rezoning may be required.

Please note

A minor variance does not change a Zoning By-law. It excuses the property owner from a requirement of the by-law.