Depending on your planned use of a property or if you’re making certain changes not allowed by zoning by-laws, you may need to apply for a zoning by-law amendment, a minor variance or an Official Plan amendment (OPA).

Book a pre-consultation meeting

Before completing an application, you must attend a pre-consultation meeting with our staff. To book a pre-consultation meeting, please call us at 905-878-7252 x2215. We will confirm all application requirements and help provide initial comments on your proposed development.

After you attend the pre-consultation meeting, you can submit your application. Make sure to include a site plan with all development applications.

Applying for rezoning

Please send us a completed Zoning Amendment Application to apply. Make sure to include all fees when you submit your application. Follow our Subdivision/Condominium/Rezoning/OPA Guidelines to help you through our application process and requirements.

A zoning by-law amendment can be considered only if your proposed use is allowed by Milton’s Official Plan.

A zoning by-law amendment will require review by staff as well as public meetings and consultation.

After hearing all agency and public comments and concerns, Council may pass, change or reject the by-law amendment. After a decision, you can file an appeal with the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal.