We know that every Milton resident wants to be a good neighbour. Great neighbours make the Town of Milton a safe, welcoming and attractive place to live.

Whether you are a new to Town or a long-time resident, a homeowner or someone who rents, we can all learn more about how to be a good neighbour.

Did you know…

In the Town of Milton:

  • Grass and weeds must be less than 8 inches (20.32 cm) tall.
  • Plants must be trimmed and not overgrown.
  • Yards must be free and clear of all litter and waste.
  • Composting is allowed only in the rear yard.
  • Standing water is not allowed.
  • Do not store items on your boulevard or road allowance (strip of land along your lawn, driveway or road).

If you have any questions, please contact Town of Milton Licensing & Enforcement.

How to be a good neighbour

Whether you are new to town or a long-time resident, we can all learn more about how to be a good neighbour in Milton.

Thank you for doing your part.


Resident Responsibility

Town or Region Responsibility


Keep grass and weeds on your front lawn, back lawn and boulevard shorter than 8 inches (20.32 cm).

The Town maintains grass and planting at city parks and other public areas.


No parking on residential streets throughout the year from 2 to 6 a.m. unless you have an on-street parking exception from the Town.

The Town maintains roadways and provides a parking exception if you need to park on the street for more than five hours or overnight between the hours of 2 and 6 a.m.


Collect and bag fallen leaves, while keeping catch basins (storm drain on side of road) clear of leaves to avoid flooding.

Halton Region collects yard waste (leaves, yard trimmings, bundled brush, etc.) from the first week of April to mid-December on the same day as garbage collection, in urban areas only. Learn more at halton.ca/waste.


Clear snow and ice from your home’s sidewalks, driveways and windrow (pile of snow left by the plows) without putting snow on the road.

The Town plows roads as well as sidewalks and pathways associated with schools, transit stops and major pedestrian travel. The Town offers a windrow removal program for seniors and persons with disabilities.

Seasonal reminders

We hope these friendly reminders help you understand some of Milton’s most important bylaws.

Thank you for doing your part.


Long Grass and Weeds

Take a little off the top: Grass and weeds on your lawn and boulevard must be less than 8 inches tall. Collect clippings when you’re done. Garbage or animal waste on your lawn? Pick it up immediately to prevent odours and rodents.

View the Community Standards By-law

Pet Waste

In Milton, we are proud of our beautiful parks, trails and conservation areas. We want your family, friends and – of course – pets to enjoy these healthy, outdoor adventures. Let’s keep parks green and clean by picking up after pets. Please put waste in a bin on your route or at your home, thanks!

Find a Park or Trail in Milton

Driveway Extensions

Bikes, tools, kayaks – sometimes our garages are packed with toys! If you feel you need a larger driveway, just don’t pave the wrong piece of paradise. The Town allows driveway extensions only when they are on your portion of the driveway (not the public portion), and when they meet the Town’s Zoning Bylaw criteria. Call before you start construction.

View Our Zoning By-laws

On-street Parking

One sure sign of spring is the sound of the street sweeper, cleaning winter debris from our roads. To help crews do this important job, remember there is no parking on residential streets from 2 to 6 a.m. without an on-street parking exception from the Town. If we clear the cars, we clear the way for cleaner streets… and spring!

Learn More About Parking in Milton

Call before you build

Town residents take pride in their homes. Spring is often when we plan projects around the house like finishing a basement, adding windows or doors or building a deckfence, pool or driveway extensions. Before work starts, you’ll need a building permit. And if you’re planning to change the elevation of your property, you may need a site alteration permit.

View Our Building Permits


Sports equipment on roads

Show us your skills, Milton. But don’t show us your basketball net in a way that contravenes our Road Fouling By-law. Nets can’t go on the boulevard; this can damage the grass and trees. When the game is done, put the net back in or near the garage.

View the Road Occupancy Fouling and Entrance Permit By-law

Road allowances

What’s allowed on a road allowance? Well… the Town’s ‘road allowance’ includes the road, boulevard and sidewalk – crucial areas that move people, vehicles and give access for work on utilities. Keep these areas clear, and get a permit before you work on your driveway apron or lower boulevard.

View the Road Occupancy Fouling and Entrance Permit By-law

Household waste, in its place

One more easy way to be a good neighbour in Milton is to put waste in its place. Dumping your personal waste on Town or private property, without permission, looks terrible, increases health and environmental risks, and encourages more illegal dumping. Don’t trash our roadsides, escarpment, alleyways and parks. Keep it clean, Milton.

Learn More About Graffiti and Litter in Milton

Site alterations

Good neighbours think twice before changing the elevation – and drainage - of their properties with fill, berms or parking lots. This work may require a site alteration permit so that you, your neighbours, and the environment are protected. Our new Site Alteration By-law now in effect has new exemptions for gardening and some clarity on routine farming. Read the fine print and save the surprises for the big reveal.

View the Site Alteration By-law

On-street parking

In Milton, we want a Town in which pedestrians and people in wheelchairs can travel safely along our sidewalks. Parking over a sidewalk - even partially – makes safe travel a challenge and is also illegal. We also keep our roads as clear as possible. You can only park on a residential street between 2 and 6 a.m. if you have an on-street parking exception from the Town of Milton.

Learn More About Parking in Milton

Quiet times

We strive to keep Milton’s neighbourhoods quiet from 9 p.m. to 7 a.m. to respect those who work, those with young children and, of course, and those who just want a good sleep. This applies to bells, gongs, car washes, engines, even powered hang gliders! Let’s treat our neighbours with kindness and keep the volume down at night.

View the Noise Control By-law


Fireworks can be fun, at the right time and place. Remember that you can only set off fireworks on Victoria Day, Canada Day or Diwali or two days before these dates. Be sure that you learn the rules before lighting things up. In Milton, You need a (free) permit to set off fireworks. Please submit the application at least seven days before your event.

View the Fireworks By-law


Bag your leaves

What’s the price we pay for the glory of leaves in their fall colours? Raking fallen leaves. When you rake, please put all those red, orange and yellow leaves in a yard waste bag as soon as possible. It keeps our neighbourhoods tidy, and our neighbours happy. Leaving them on sidewalks and streets may violate the Town’s Road Fouling By-law.

View the Road Occupancy Fouling and Entrance Permit By-law

Don’t park in school zones

It’s back to school time! With students settling back into the classroom, remember to keep our school zones, school crossings and pedestrian crossovers as safe as possible. When parking in school zones, obey the No Parking and No Stopping signs. Do not parking or leave your vehicle unattended in the Kiss and Ride area. And do not park in fire routes.

Learn More About School Safety in Milton

Tell us about concerns

Town staff welcome your complaints – and compliments - at Town Hall, in person, by telephone, in writing, by voice mail or online. Please choose your preferred communication method, rather than use several channels for the same concern. Please include your name, address and telephone number.

Contact the Town About a Concern

Dogs on leash

Help protect our pets, and fellow residents, by keeping all dogs on a leash in public spaces. Rover may want to roam, but his leash should not be longer than 2.1 metres. When not on your property, your dogs should be on a leash and under control. It’s safer for our two-legged and four-legged friends.

View the Animal Control By-law

Catch basins

Winter is coming… are you ready? As the fall weather changes, Town Operations staff members are checking main drains, addressing blockages and clearing catch basins and culverts. Help prevent flooding by keeping your catch basin clear of debris like leaves and… eventually, snow and ice.

Learn More About Catch Basins in Milton


Allow the plow

We all want to allow the plow, right? Keep streets clear of parking cars during snowstorms. Street parking makes it difficult and dangerous to properly clear the street. Remember, the Town has designated parking lots for residents whose on-street parking exceptions are suspended to allow for snow removal. Parking in these lots is allowed for a 48-hour period.

Learn About Winter Parking in Milton

Be nice, clear the ice

Sidewalks tie our neighbourhoods together. Let make sure they are clear of ice and snow, so that our families, friends and neighbours can move around safely. Removing windrows (snow piles left by the plow) is also a resident’s duty. It takes time to clean up after a storm, so please be patient and wait 24 hours after a snowfall before reporting your concerns.

Learn More About Snow Removal in Milton

School’s back! Keep school zones clear

After a holiday break, students are heading back to the classroom. Let’s do our part and keep our school zones, school crossings and pedestrian crossovers as safe as possible. When parking in school zones, obey the No Parking and No Stopping signs. Do not park or leave your vehicle unattended in the Kiss and Ride area. Do not park in fire routes.

Learn About School Safety in Milton

Welcome to Milton… parking

People new to Milton need to know that the Town prohibits street parking longer than five hours, and from 2 to 6 a.m. If you need to park on the street – due to driveway repairs, special functions or visiting guests – ensure you get your street parking exception. And count them carefully: We will grant you a maximum of 25 street parking exceptions per licence plate, per year.

Learn More About Parking in Milton

Catch basins and ice

It's the calm before the storm! Crews are applying brine to the roads with our anti-icing program to prevent roads from freezing up. They clear storm drains and catch basins to accommodate melting snow and ice – so please don't block these when shoveling. Go the extra mile, Milton, and help older adults and people with physical disabilities by offering to help clear snow and ice from their property.

Learn More About Catch Basins in Milton

Reporting a concern

Have a concern? We’re here for you

This page is an overview of common concerns in Milton. Please review the by-law in question to read the complete description.