Heritage planning is about saving the layers of information about our lives and those of our pioneers and ancestors. Milton protects our past to ensure our sense of identity and continuity in society through our Heritage Register.

Heritage Register

Explore Milton’s Heritage Register, which includes designated and listed heritage properties that have historic interest or architectural value in our community and help us to protect heritage properties when they are affected by development proposals. Check out our interactive Heritage Property Map for detailed property information and images.

Heritage designation

Heritage designation recognizes a property’s cultural value and historical significance. Explore the designated heritage properties in our community or learn how you can apply for designation.

Alterations and additions to heritage properties

If you own a designated heritage property and you’d like to make changes or additions to the property, you need to apply for a Heritage Permit as per the Ontario Heritage Act. Our process assesses the impact of any changes to the property and ensures the conservation of its heritage.

Heritage Milton provides advice and assistance to Milton staff and property owners to conserve our most significant heritage resources.