Update: The Town of Milton is resumed its Committee of Adjustment and Consent (COA) meetings virtually to provide applicants and members of the public with an accessible, contactless application process. Since September 10, 2020, COA meetings are livestreamed on the Town of Milton’s YouTube page. To participate in Committee of Adjustment and Consent meetings, follow the delegation process.

Minor Variances and Consent Applications

Milton’s Committee of Adjustment and Consent (COA) reviews applications for minor variances from the Zoning By-law and some land severance (division) applications. The COA includes five Milton residents who are appointed by Council for a four-year term. In Milton, the Commissioner of Development Services approves undisputed consents for land division instead of the COA. For additional details about minor variances and land severance (consent) applications, please contact the Committee of Adjustment.

Meeting schedule

The COA meets once a month to hear applications, discuss any issues or concerns, and make decisions. You can attend any of the meetings to speak to the COA about an application. View the meeting schedule below.

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