Milton is one of the fastest growing communities in Canada. Our community is home to a young, educated and diverse population. In order to provide residents with unique opportunities, we are committed to building a complete community.

Building a complete community requires a shared vision and action from all levels of government.

Community health and safety 

To build a safe and heathy community, we will:

  • Oppose the CN Intermodal Logistics Hub Project at its proposed location in Milton to ensure the long-term health and safety of the community
  • Confirm regional and provincial regulatory roles in proposed CN truck-rail hub

Enhanced transportation 

To enhance transportation and mobility, we will:

  • Help develop a regional transit governance structure and funding support from Halton Region to deliver integrated and connected transit
  • Advocate for enhanced GO Transit service to connect our growing community to others in the GTA
  • Accelerate the timelines for planning and delivering two-way, all-day GO Train service to and from Milton
  • Support the proposed future GO Stations located at Derry Rd./Trafalgar and Tremaine/Steeles
  • Support the Northwest GTA Corridor Study as an option to address regional transportation issues

Innovation, education and health

To promote innovation, education and health, we will:

  • Advocate for affordable and reliable broadband internet service in rural areas
  • Promote the long-term viability and sustainability of rural and agricultural economies
  • Engage the region and province as partners in our growth plans for the Milton Education Village and Trafalgar Corridor


To receive adequate funding in order to support infrastructure development, we will:

  • Ensure provincial, regional and local infrastructure projects are funded and well-timed to support growth
  • Partner with other levels of government to deliver long-term, predictable, well-timed community infrastructure funding to support asset management
  • Establish a long-term funding program that recognizes the financial needs of growing municipalities no longer eligible for the Ontario Community Infrastructure Fund

Long-term financial stability

To support long-term financial stability, we will:

  • Ensure Milton has an adequate supply of future employment lands to balance non-residential and residential growth
  • Permit a diverse range of funding tools and partnerships between municipalities and developers
  • Implement reforms to joint and several liability laws to help lower the financial burden on municipalities
  • Reform interest arbitration related to emergency services to ensure increases are fair, equitable and affordable for the community

First Principals of Growth

To develop a complete community we have identified First Principals of Growth to guide our plans. Milton’s First Principals of Growth include:

  • Ensuring that Milton revenues match the cost of growth to ensure the financial stability of the community
  • Delivering a balanced residential and employment ratio of one job for every two residents with an emphasis on jobs in the knowledge-based and innovation sectors
  • Planning passive and active recreation areas and embracing green spaces and the natural environment
  • Providing a variety of housing with an emphasis on intensification near transit-supported locations
  • Delivering a steady flow of continuous and appropriate infrastructure investments to build and maintain Milton’s assets
  • Advocating for timely, coordinated transit and community infrastructure investments from the Government of Ontario
  • Encouraging timely, coordinated investments in water, wastewater and regional roads from Halton Region

Accomplishments to date

We’ve achieved a variety of accomplishments to develop a complete community, including the:

  • Announcement of GO Station redevelopment to improve access to transit connections
  • Milton District Hospital Expansion
  • 15-minute peak direction GO Train service
  • Construction of the interchange at Highway 401 and Tremaine Rd.
  • Commencement of the initial phases of widening Highway 401 through Milton
  • Establishment of the MEV Innovation Centre with the inclusion of Wilfrid Laurier University’s first presence in Milton